How a Cloud Phone System Can Help Your Business Compete with Larger Competitors

Deploying a cloud phone system is one of the best business decisions you can make. Why?

Cloud phone providers offer platforms that have ever-increasing lists of features, indicated by proud advertisements that state they offer "X number of features!" and "Y number of application integrations!" But what is perhaps more important is the quality of features that are included in their platforms.

By switching to a cloud phone system, your business will gain many abilities that will help you compete with larger competitors. Learn about some of the significant advantages below:

Use Enterprise-Level Calling Features at a Fraction of the Cost

It used to be that the most advanced calling features were reserved for big enterprises that could afford the required (and expensive) hardware. Now, due to vast improvements in technology, cloud phone systems offer these calling features at a much lower cost, making them readily available to smaller and leaner businesses.

Mobile apps and softphones empower businesspeople to make and receive work calls when they're away from their desks. Call queues hold callers in line until staff members can speak with them; and while callers are waiting, you can broadcast informative company announcements, like sales promotions, or videos, like customer testimonials. Even impressive integrations with platforms like Salesforce and Zendesk enable staff members to work more efficiently and offer improved customer service.

OnSIP's Enhanced Queue Dashboard
OnSIP's Enhanced Queue Dashboard enables supervisors to monitor calls, whisper to call agents, and barge into calls, as needed.

SMBs can now pay the affordable month-to-month or yearly rates for cloud phone systems and access all of these enterprise-level communication features. And what's more, many of these service plans also come with unlimited calling, BYOD, and other pluses.

Humanize Your Website with Direct Call Links to Your Staff

For cost-cutting and efficiency purposes, many big businesses have employed automated menus, bots, and self-help DIY articles at the forefront of their customer service. Think back to your own experience of calling a business's customer support: you dig for a phone number, navigate an unforgiving attendant menu, and stay stuck on hold. And with the emergence of live chat, how many times have we mumbled to ourselves, "I know I'm responding to a bot here!"

Make your business stand out by providing a pleasant calling experience for leads and customers.

OnSIP has a unique click-to-call option for customers and other visitors to your business's website. Our sayso button, seamlessly embedded on website pages, lets visitors voice or video call your business using only their web browser windows (while bypassing the attendant menu at the same time).


Once clicked on, these buttons route calls to your staff members, enabling customers to have instant, real-time, and personal conversations with your staff—over video, too, if a video call was made. For businesses that depend on having one-on-one conversations with clients and leads, sayso is an effective calling feature that will enrich your sales conversations and customer service interactions.

Hire the Best Workers for Your Business, No Matter Where They Live

Cloud phone systems are uniquely adept at uniting a distributed workforce, whether spread out over multiple offices or remote working from home. Since the "brains" of the service are securely stored and maintained by the provider, a business and its employees can access and use the service from any place that has an Internet connection: an office, home, or even the local coffee shop.

With that in mind, a business owner can look beyond the local city in which his/her business is located when hiring new staff, and instead focus on acquiring the most talented and best qualified person for the position. Regardless of where s/he happens to live, all that the new hire needs to connect to the phone system (and new colleagues) are a computer or laptop, phone, and Internet connection.

Remote working from home

Enhance Staff Productivity and Team Collaboration with Softphones

One of the standout features offered by cloud phone systems are softphones, software-based phones available as mobile apps, desktop apps, and browser-based apps. These softphones equip employees with all of the features and functionalities of a business phone, giving them the means to make and receive work calls from their preferred devices.

But more than just business calling, softphones provide employees with productivity-boosting and collaboration-enhancing abilities. For instance, if a support rep doesn't know the answer to a caller's question, s/he can quickly IM his/her manager right in the softphone's interface and get the correct answer. Furthermore, one-on-one and team meetings can be held over video call right within the softphone's interface, encouraging team collaboration and cohesion.

5-way group video conference call in the OnSIP app
A group video conference call in the OnSIP app.

Add Features When You Need Them, and Remove Them When You Don't

Once you've set up a cloud phone system, you can rely on it to grow with your business and provide the features you need, when you need them. When a new employee is hired, simply add him/her right into the system's admin web portal and assign him/her a phone— you won't need to contact the provider's representatives and wait around for them to complete the tasks.

You can also configure new features, such as call queues and call recording, and purchase phone numbers on the fly; once they are set up, they are ready for use. And when you don't need them anymore, simply remove them from your account— the cloud phone system will adapt to your changing business communication needs.

Match Your Competition by Using Cloud Communication Features

A cloud phone system is one of the best business technologies that you can use to challenge bigger competitors. By using communication features that were once only available at the enterprise-level, you'll equip your staff members with the means to work smarter, provide better customer service, and impress your clientele with the professionalism of your business.

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