4 Steps to Hurricane Irene VoIP Preparedness

This post is by Clorece Kulp, a member of the support team at Junction Networks

While many of us on the East Coast brace for Hurricane Irene, Junction Networks would like to put your mind at ease regarding your phone service. In the event of a power outage there is no need to panic; your phone system is in the Cloud, which means it will still work unlike your former POTS system.

Junction Networks has several redundancies, including secured data centers in both Manhattan, NY and Los Angeles, CA, equipped to handle emergencies. Since all is in the Cloud you will still have access to your calls and never miss a business beat.

If you lose power and do nothing, your calls will still go to voicemail. However, if you still want to receive calls, you have two choices, 1. take your SIP phone home with you (BE SURE TO RECONFIGURE your E911 to the address you have moved the phone - see here) or 2. simply forward your calls to an external phone number and in four clicks, your company is still in business!

Here's how simple it is: log into your account, in Resources, create an External Phone Number (free of charge), click on your existing business phone number, open existing business phone number to modify. Modify the Destination of your existing business phone number to be redirected to the new External Phone number you just created and Save. It's just that easy!

Remember, if you are moving your SIP phone, PLEASE reconfigure your E911 to the address the phone has been temporarily moved. If you are forwarding your calls, please be sure you have a way to dial 911 from that external phone; cell phones may hit a tower that is in an adjacent town and may not provide emergency responders with the proper location of your emergency.

We will be here, outfitted with our rain gear and virtual rubber rafts, waiting out the storm.