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How to Set Up an ACD Queue With OnSIP

by Nicole Hayward

OnSIP Tips from the SIP Maven: ACD Queues

This blog post is by Tim, our SIP Maven.

In the past, automated call distribution queues (ACD queues) were mainly used by large call centers, but OnSIP makes the process easy for small and medium businesses to use this feature. Here's how to set it up:
  1. Log into the admin.onsip.com portal and go to the Apps tab.
  3. 2. Click on “Create New Application” and select ACD. Click on the green “Create a New ACD Queue.” OnSIP charges $19.95 per month for each ACD queue. We include one ACD queue with the Small Business Plan and 2 ACD queues with the Medium Business Plan.

3. Give your ACD queue a name and then select the remaining fields of information. Information on each field is listed on the right of the page.

4. Save.

5. Go back into the ACD queue application details to modify some of the details. You will need to assign an extension to for your agents to dial into to be able to login/out of the ACD queue.

6. You can opt to assign your ACD queue its own phone number, but the most likely way callers will access the queue is via an attendant menu (the “press 1 for tech support” option).

7. In this scenario, agents can log into the Tech Support ACD queue by dialing 7878 from their OnSIP registered phones. They will be prompted for the queue pass pin (8787#). Agents can log out of the queue by dialing extension 7878 a second time. My preference is to stay logged into the queues on a permanent basis and use a business hours rule to send calls directly to VM during after hours.

Tips and Tricks

  • The OnSIP hunt and ring groups have a maximum of 10 users/devices registrations. You can set up a larger hunt ring group by changing the “Only Indicate Ringing” option to yes and having your agents permanently logged into the ACD queues.
  • Set the “Timeout Destination” to be a supervisor’s extension so that excess call volume can be tracked and additional agents can be assigned to login the ACD queue.
  • Remote workers can log into the ACD queue from any OnSIP registered device so setting up international call centers is easy.
  • Use an OnSIP announcement app with a customized recording prior to sending calls to the ACD (see previous Announcements tips.)
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