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Panasonic Office Phones: Setting Up the KX-TGP600 [Tip]

by Joe DeBari

Watch this helpful video on how to get a TGP600, one of many Panasonic office phones, set up for registration with OnSIP's boot server.

OnSIP, as a BYOD (bring your own device) service, offers our customers a boot server that reduces the time it takes to register a phone with our system.

Using the boot server, customers have to only enter a couple pieces of information into the phone's web interface to register the device with the OnSIP service. If you have to provision many phones, this feature will save you a huge amount of time.

One Panasonic IP phone model, the KX-TGP600, requires a few first steps to be completed that prepare the phone for registration. Eric Phipps, one of OnSIP's NOC Technicians, recorded a video that demonstrates the straightforward (yet additional) process to set up the TGP600 before it can be provisioned.

First Time Setup for the KX-TGP600

The TGP600 is a SIP cordless phone system that brings range and flexibility to your office deskphone. The product comes with a base unit - the TGP600 - and is compatible with a few cordless Panasonic phones (the one shown in the video is the KX-TPA60).

While most IP phones can be immediately registered after they are connected to your network, the TGP600 requires the user to complete a few preparation steps. Eric details these steps in the video, and they include:

  1. Registering the cordless device to the base unit
  2. Switching on the "Embedded Web" feature on the phone
  3. Obtaining the phone's IP address

Once these steps have been completed, the phone will be ready for registration with OnSIP. Follow the instructions for registering a Panasonic IP phone with our boot server to complete the process.

You Can Use Panasonic Office Phones with OnSIP

Our engineers live and breathe SIP. They built the OnSIP platform by adhering to the current SIP RFC standards. Doing so has allowed tremendous interoperability between our service and all IP phones that also follow these standards.

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