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How to Make Each Line Ring With a Unique Tone on a Polycom Phone

by Nicole Hayward

Differentiate each line on your Polycom with individual ring tones.

This blog is by Eric, a member of our Support Team

A customer called in with a simple request: “I have different lines on my phone, one for Customer Service, one for Technical Support, and so on. Can I change the ring on my Polycom phone so that each line has its own ring so I know instantly what the person is calling for?”

I did some digging with Mike, and we found a way to do so, which was a great discovery. As many of us at Junction Networks wear multiple hats, answering sales, support, and direct calls, we now have a way to immediately differentiate those calls.

Here’s how you do it:

From your Polycom phone:

  1. Press Menu button > Settings > Basic > Ring Type.
  2. This will show all the lines you have registered. Choose the line whose ring you want to change with the directional key or hitting the numbered face buttons and hit Select.
  3. From there, you’ll see all of the various ring tones that are installed. Choose one of those default twelve and hit Select.
  4. It will go into effect immediately. Just hit Back to change more lines or hit Menu to go immediately to the default interface.

Voila. Now your next step is to use all the phones in your office to create your own Office Symphony in VoIP Minor. Cup of coffee to the best one.

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