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Set up Bria soft phone for Windows and Mac using boot.onsip.com

by Leo Zheng

Use boot.onsip.com to easily get your Bria soft phone up and running with your OnSIP SIP and XMPP accounts.

Bria soft phone for Windows and Mac combines VoIP, video, and chat into one application, and now we've made it easier than ever to get started using it with OnSIP. All you'll need is your SIP address, your web password, and boot.onsip.com.

Here's how to get that info.

SIP address: You can find this in the OnSIP admin portal under the User tab. If you're not the admin of your OnSIP account, ask whoever is to forward you your SIP address.

Web password: This is the password you use to login to my.OnSIP, our unified communications tool with voicemail recordings, XMPP chat, call control, and drag & drop calling. Once you have your SIP address, you can simply go to my.OnSIP.com, type in your address at the login screen, and hit the 'Send my password' link. Our system will send you a randomly generated password to your email. We highly recommend that you login to my.OnSIP and reset your password to something easier to remember (click the cog in the upper right-hand corner of the my.OnSIP interface).

Here's how you set up Bria.

Once you have your information, you're ready to register your OnSIP accounts on the Bria soft phone. For the Windows version, the first thing you'll see when you boot up is a login screen. From the drop-down at the top of this screen, select the option 'Manually configure login server'. Then, enter the information as follows in the appropriate fields:

Login Server: 'https://boot.onsip.com'
Username: Your SIP address
Password: Your web password

Bria Windows Login Screen

That's all you have to do. Hit the 'login' button, and Bria should boot up ready to use with your OnSIP SIP (voice) and XMPP (chat) accounts. To get your XMPP contact list to load correctly in Bria, you'll have to log in to my.OnSIP at least once.

Bria for Windows

The process for Bria for Mac is exactly the same. If you don't see the login screen when you boot up your Bria application, you can enable it by going into Preferences > Application and selecting the 'Enable login screen' option. For more details on setting up Bria, please refer to our updated knowledgebase article.

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