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A Free Way to Listen to .wav Files on Your Android Device

by Samantha

How to listen to .wav files on your Android device for free.

This post was prepared by Support team member Clorece Kulp as a follow up to our original post on this subject, Can't listen to .wav files on your droid? Here's a solution.

One of the biggest time-saving features we provide is voicemail-to-email. No calling your inbox, no entering a PIN; you just open up the email we send you with the .wav attachment inside, and click play. If you're an Android user like me, then you probably already know that .wav files and Android don't play nice. This is a long standing issue that has yet to be resolved.

Call to voicemail icon

So why doesn’t OnSIP just “fix it”, you ask? The issue is that our common .wav file format isn’t supported by Android. The “fix” will come when Android adds support for the .wav codec, whenever that may be. Our Engineers, as awesome as they are, could “fix it” by changing our .wav file format to something else, but then all of our voicemail recordings for all users instantly become MUCH larger, because we would be using a less efficient codec. To us, this is not a fix but merely a band aid that we feel degrades our service for the majority of users while fixing a single problem for a minority.

Ok, so you still haven’t told me how to play .wav files on my Droid

I personally tried a number of apps and was able to find one that I really love, partly because it required no configuration or brain power to set up. It’s called Remote Wave Free. You should be able to easily find it in the Android Market. The only thing you have to do is download it; after that, it just works.

We encourage you to test it out for yourself. Use your Droid to open your voicemail emails, choose “Remote Wave”, and listen! The app permits you to stop, start, pause, and exit your message just like you can on your computer. You also have the ability to forward the message via email to anyone or file it, right there on your phone.

Screenshot of Remote Wave
Screenshot of Remote Wave

WavPlayer, (2.13.1 version as of July 14, 2012) another .wav app for Droid, will set you back $0.99 and works in the same manner as the Remote Wave app. There are a few more apps out there, although most of them cost money to download and use or require a bit more thought to get going. Personally, I like simple so I’m recommending Remote Wave as a workaround for any Android users that want the same OnSIP voicemail-to-email experience.

Screenshot of WavPlayer
Screenshot of WavPlayer
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