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How to Customize sayso

by Margaret Joy

Now that you have sayso installed on your website, we show you how to customize the button, featured topics, business hour rules, and more.

One of the deciding factors behind sayso’s development was an intuitive user interface. Previous iterations of our click to call technologies required a fair amount of web design know-how. So we built sayso to be as simple as possible for the end user. 

For configuration, all you have to do is copy and paste one little code snippet to your website and you’re up and running. Don’t worry if that sounds more complicated than you’d like—we made sure to test our step-by-step instructions on OnSIP folks who are decidedly NOT developers (read: your blog writer), and it was a rousing success. 

Now that you have sayso installed on your website, what’s next? Time to customize!

sayso settings screenshot showing customization options.
You can edit button colors and location from the main sayso settings page. You can also add topics here, but click on specific topics in the list to edit individual settings.


Button Color

This is the color that appears at all times: the standalone sayso button with the phone icon, or the “X” that replaces the phone when you expand the sayso window. Typically this would be your main brand color (so long as it doesn’t clash with your website!). You can also choose to have a gradient overlay rather than a flat color if you check the box underneath the color options. We have six default swatches, and you can add in your own hex codes when you click the “+” button at the end of the row.

sayso settings screenshot showing display settings.

Accent Color

This is the color of the “Call Now” voice and video buttons next to available reps in the sayso window. Typically this is your secondary brand color. Unlike the button, accent colors cannot have a gradient overlay. Like the button, however, you can add your own hex codes by clicking the “+” button at the end of the swatches. 

Button Location

You can choose whether sayso lives on the right or left side of your website—particularly useful for those companies that use both voice and text live chat!

sayso settings screenshot showing left button placement.sayso settings screenshot showing right button placement.


You can add new topics from the main sayso settings page. To edit, clone, or review existing topics, click on the topic name from the list on the main settings page. 

sayso settings screenshot showing topic settings.

Clicking on an existing topic brings you to an overview of its specific settings (left) and editing options (right).

By default, all topic settings are checked off. To edit these settings, simply uncheck the box. Video calls are a simple check/uncheck, but the other settings have further details once unchecked.

sayso settings screenshot showing edit topic options.

Available Countries

  • Option 1: All countries will see and be able to use the sayso button on your website (default).
  • Option 2: You can uncheck the box and create a whitelist of countries that are able to see your sayso button.

sayso settings screenshot showing available countries.

Business Hour Rules and Holidays

Naturally, you don’t want people making sayso calls when no one’s around to answer. The default sayso setting has the button up 24/7. Once you uncheck it, you can create your own BHRs. The default selection here is 9–5 weekdays, the typical office week. Go ahead and shift these to match your business.

sayso settings screenshot showing business hour rules.sayso settings screenshot showing holiday rules.

You can also plug in any holidays when your office is closed, and those dates will bypass the regular BHRs. 

Page Display

Want sayso on every page your website has? Great! Leave this section checked off. Only want it on specific pages, or specifically NOT on certain pages? Enter page display rules. You decide where sayso shows up (and which topics appear on which pages, up in the topics section).

sayso settings screenshot showing page display rules.

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