"Simple Setup, Smart Support"

This blog is by Eden Harvest (a well-liked, friendly, funny, and self-deprecating) member of the OnSIP Support Team.

OnSIP Customer Success Team member Eden Harvest

Hi again, my name is Eden, and I work with the OnSIP Support Team. As you have likely already noticed, the OnSIP Marketing Team recreated our website a few months ago, and I think it looks great. There is one slider on our homepage, however, that gave me pause. It says, "Simple Setup, Smart Support."

I've been called a lot of things, but 'smart' is not one of them. You're talking to the guy who once bought a box of rocks disguised as a camcorder from a guy on the corner at Astor Place, which was definitely not smart, even though I did haggle the price down to $60.00, a 50% discount!

I decided to review the solutions I offer to customers, as well as some of my personal history, to determine if I really am smart, or if it's just part of our "branding."

I dug into some recent tickets that detail the solutions I have offered to OnSIP customers, and found hope. Here are two examples of smart solutions:

Searching For Smart Solutions

#7513 - Problem: A restaurant is open from 10am until 1am, but they are unable to set their business hour rule to be open for that duration because the system sees it as the close time (1am) being earlier than the open time (10am).

Smart Solution: Set your Business Hours Rules to be open from 1am until 10am, then just swap the behavior, so when you're "open" go to your closed destination, and when you're "closed" from 10am until 1am, set the destination to ring as when you are open.

This was encouraging- a potential indication of some smartness going on, but then I thought back to the time I stuck my finger into a high-speed fan just to see what would happen. The next case I found was definitely clever:

#7314 - Problem: When my phone rings, I can't tell if the call came to me because I'm in a group or because it is a personal or extension call made directly to my user, Mike.

Smart Solution: Because we don't charge to add users, create another version of yourself. Name that user "Mike Support," and add Mike Support on the second line of your phone. Then, put Mike Support in the support group instead of the original 'Mike' user that has your extension. Then you can set a different ring type per line on the phone, itself. Then, if you are being rung directly, it will ring your first line and sound one way. If you are rung via the support group, Mike Support will be rung on the second line with a different ringtone. This way, you know just from the sound of the phone whether your user is being dialed directly or if you are being rung as part of a group.

Now that I've written it out, it looks complicated; but, this is a good solution that is not possible with other providers who charge per user. It's actually quite smart.

I gained some more confidence, so I went online to apply for Mensa membership. When they asked for my SAT score, my genius bubble popped and I felt human again.

In summary, my research shows that we definitely have some creative thinking and innovative problem solving going on here in OnSIP support- and though I'm no genius, I'd like to think I'm getting smarter with each and every day.

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