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Destination Fort Lauderdale: Talking All Things OnSIP at ITEXPO 2022!

by OnSIP

OnSIP's Channel Team relays their experience at the 2022 ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Published: June 29, 2022

Members of the OnSIP Channel Team packed their bags and headed to Florida last week for the 39th Annual ITEXPO / Tech Supershow where this year’s conference hit record attendance!

Rethink, Regroup, Rediscover

This was the slogan of this year’s event where buyers of communications and technology needs met carriers and solutions providers to conduct business and form partnerships. 

It was a culmination of dynamic events: IOT Evolution (5G, 6G, Smart Cities, Industrial IOT), Blockchain, Future of Work, MSP Expo, and more. And the OnSIP Channel Team was on display in TCG’s Pavilion Hall to check it all out.

L-R: Mike Curtin, Channel Manager, West; Helene Kidary, VP Channel & Strategic Partner Sales; Leland Evans, Director of Channel Sales, East

Much of the conversation revolved around WFH and the realities of returning to the office: How to handle work-life balance after a few years of strictly remote work, changes in team collaboration, and the general dynamics that go with human interaction both in-person and through digital platforms. These questions were front and center at ITEXPO this year, and our Channel Team was ready to dive into the conversation.

“The paradigm shift is here and we’re amidst a significant change in work behaviors, where customers are retooling and rebuilding on the heels of Covid,” says Helene. “Geoffrey A. Moore, author of ‘Crossing the Chasm,’ had it right back in 1991 when he said the challenge for innovators and marketers during the Technology Adoption Life Cycle is narrowing the chasm and ultimately accelerating adoption across every segment. Welcome to the party…it’s time.”


Growing Sales in the New Normal

In a roundtable discussion on this topic, Matt Siemens (CEO, NUMO) commented that while many would have you believe that the hosted telephony market has been completely saturated to almost 75-80%, the real numbers according to The Wall Street Journal suggest that it’s more accurately around 44%.  

“This only solidified the notion that OnSIP and our partners already know to be true,” says Leland. “The opportunity is still very much real, and we have a lot of work to do. The time is now, and the market is ready.”



The Expo floor was buzzing with activity for three straight days as partners, MSPs, and resellers from across the U.S. learned about the latest technology offerings. Team OnSIP had the pleasure of speaking with a myriad of them, educating them on today’s new work behaviors including mobility, accessibility, flexibility, hiring the best (not necessarily the closest), and why OnSIP was built for exactly this.

“Convergence is ever-present in this evolving marketplace, and that was defined clearly by the attendees we met,” said Mike. “Donning our OnSIP ‘Un-Risky Business’ Sunglasses, our team shined. I am grateful for the event’s educational experience and look forward to following up with the partners I met.”

Keynote Panel on “Rethinking the Channel for the Future of Work”

Digital transformation is a positive disruptive force on business operations. The past two years have seen an acceleration of digital transformation across business segments, and that transition has a pass-through effect on the distribution channel. 

How has the channel evolved over the past few years? What does the relationship between partners and vendors look like today, and how have those relationships changed? What does success look like? 

We listened and learned as this panel looked at Channel’s transformation and its impact on the entire IT and telecom ecosystem—from suppliers to partners to end customers.

L-R: Moderator: Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director, TMC; Adam Edwards, CEO, Telarus; John Delozier, President, Intelisys; Dan Pirigyi, Partner,  Telecom Consulting Group.

The panel was asked about the changing landscape in the past 20 years, and Dan Pirigyi commented that when he started in this business, he only had about 15 options for his partners to choose from. Today we are north of 230. 

Adam Edwards weighed in stating that smart people recognize it’s not the lifetime value of the customer that’s most important, but rather the lifetime value of the partner. Without them, the reach to every end-user would be nearly impossible.

“This really brought the situation into clear focus for me,” commented Leland. “The options are endless, and the competition is a phone call away. But our partners stay loyal to OnSIP because we execute for them at a consistently high level. They are not with us because of a lack of options. They’re with us because we double down on quality and treat their customers better than any other option out there.”

Helene Kidary, VP Channel & Strategic Partner Sales, OnSIP, and Rich Tehrani, CEO, Group Editor-in-Chief, TMC.

Closing Remarks of Gratitude

“Thank you, Rich Tehrani, for almost four decades of doing what you do best, allowing us to do what we do best. You’re a trailblazer, disruptor, and pillar in our industry. See you back here in February 2023!”

— Helene