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First Voice & Video Live Chat Integration Hits HubSpot Marketplace

by OnSIP

OnSIP sayso Transforms Web Chat With Inbound Real-Time Calling Solution

Published: October 1, 2019

New York, NY—October 1, 2019—OnSIP, a leading unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider, announced today that sayso, the innovative real-time voice and video alternative to text chat for business websites, is now available on the HubSpot App Marketplace.

sayso enables website visitors to initiate direct calls to qualified representatives who are available to discuss relevant topics with just the click of a button—no dialing, listening to menus, or waiting for a typed response. And now with the sayso HubSpot integration, sales and marketing teams benefit from a powerfully streamlined, context-aware inbound calling solution.

“We designed sayso to reinvent the way people contact businesses,” said Robert Wolpov, OnSIP cofounder and president. “We wanted to make communicating with a business convenient and efficient, without sacrificing the personal human connection. Our HubSpot partnership takes sayso technology to the next level: Businesses can now translate sayso call data into actionable customer intelligence, which is key to driving successful sales and marketing campaigns.”

When an incoming sayso call is recognized as a Hubspot contact, the OnSIP app displays the caller’s name, Hubspot activity history, page they're calling from, and topic they're calling to discuss. OnSIP call information can also be sent to Hubspot, logging call details into the contact’s activity history and allowing for automation of various sales and marketing workflows.

For more information on sayso, visit https://www.say.so.




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