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OnSIP Partners: Meet the New Agent Admin Portal!

by Joe DeBari

Watch a video walkthrough of OnSIP's Agent Admin Portal to see how easy it can be to support your clients!

Published: December 1, 2022

Drum roll, please! Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

The new Agent Admin Portal is ready, and we’re thrilled to unveil it to our Partner community!

Found within the OnSIP web app at app.onsip.com, this portal is a sleek and easy-to-navigate dashboard that is packed with data. OnSIP Partners can log in with their Agent SIP addresses and passwords for a one-stop-shop to create and configure accounts, troubleshoot clients’ issues, and review monthly commission reports.

Let us show you how you can use this portal to quickly accomplish your OnSIP-related tasks in this video walkthrough:

How to Navigate the New Agent Admin Portal

The Agent Admin Portal was built alongside the new customer account admin app so they both have the same look, feel, and user experience. Within this portal, you’ll find 3 main areas:


A list of all OnSIP accounts created for your clients. You can search and filter the list of accounts to quickly find a particular one. You can also create new OnSIP accounts by clicking on the Create new account button and following the setup wizard.

By clicking on the Account ID of a specific account, you can access that account as the admin user. Doing this enables you to more efficiently support a client when they have troubleshooting issues or need assistance in configuring a feature.


A running list of transactions for your Agent ID including monthly commission reports, payments, and OnSIP account assignments. You also have search and filter options to sort the entries listed here. And clicking on a Transaction ID provides an expanded display that gives more details on the item.


The Support tab provides you with various ways to get support when you need it. The phone number and email address of your Channel Sales Engineer are displayed alongside links to the OnSIP Knowledgebase. You can also submit support tickets here for the OnSIP Support Team.

We hope that this upgraded Agent Admin Portal will help you to quickly address your clients’ questions and needs. And we encourage you to reach out to your Channel Manager to get personalized demos of both the Agent Admin Portal and newly released account admin app!