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VoIP Meets IM

by OnSIP

OnSIP's commitment to open standards means that you can use your preferred XMPP IM client with our VoIP service.

Published: February 7, 2012

IM and presence make up a large part of unified communications services, and everyday, more businesses are discovering the incredible benefits of innovative applications of these technologies.

Only a few short months ago, we released my.OnSIP, a web browser application add-on to our VoIP service that includes our support for XMPP for presence and hosted IM. The my.OnSIP web interface provides users with a view into the presence status of their business colleagues, while also incorporating private IM and call control features such as web dialing, drag-and-drop transferring, click to call, SIP address dialing, etc.

In accordance with our commitment to open industry standards, we’ve made it so that your business network can be accessed from any other XMPP IM client as well. Though we would certainly like customers to try our own native IM and presence app, we certainly understand if some of our users already have favorites. As such, our policy towards IM clients is the same as our policy towards VoIP phones: bring whatever standards based client or device you want.

What does this mean for you?

  • Add your OnSIP account credentials to your XMPP IM client and you can always be connected to your business network
  • No more juggling between your private and business IM clients

Our unique stance also puts our customers in the best position to take advantage of innovative products like the recently released Bria from Counterpath. This new soft-phone solution unifies SIP and XMPP in a single application, incorporating a wide spectrum of communications tools such as VoIP, IM, video calling, and presence. Users only need their account credentials to register the Bria to OnSIP’s voice and XMPP offerings.

We believe that giving our business clients the right to select the apps and devices they use to connect to our services will make them happier customers. Ultimately, that’s what matters most to us.

The Junction Networks team will continue to commit ourselves to open standards to ensure that communication tools both old and new will be compatible with us.