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Vonage Phone Not Working? Having Inbound Call Issues? [Offer]

by OnSIP

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Published: June 6, 2015

Inbound call issue with Vonage and Cisco SPA phones

OnSIP is an alternative to Vonage for Business (Vocalocity), and we've recently gotten feedback from new customers that they made the switch to OnSIP because of issues with Vonage and their IP phones. Specifically, inbound calls are cutting off after 2 minutes when answered on a Cisco SPA phone. If this is affecting your business, you are not alone.

Reliable phone service is critical to your business operations, and you have made a fine choice on your Cisco SPA IP phones. As a phone service provider that supports any SIP phone, OnSIP has extensively reviewed Cisco SPA phones and support customers using these phones everyday.

Setting up OnSIP phone service with Cisco SPA phones is easy in our administrative portal. We would like to offer you a free 30 day trial with OnSIP and number porting.

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