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OnSIP Rocks NY Cares Day For Second Time

by Kevin Bartley

The OnSIP team participated in New York Cares Day Spring, where they were mulched, swept, and removed trash from Lookout Hill in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Published: April 22, 2013

New York Cares Logo

Team OnSIP woke up bright and early on Earth Day this past Saturday, April 20th, to give back to the community through New York Cares Day Spring. “I am so happy Team OnSIP participated again on Saturday,” said Vice President of Marketing Nicole Hayward. “Our seven volunteers tackled mulching, sweeping, and trash removal from Lookout Hill in Prospect Park. Altogether, we worked as many hours as 10 park staff employees work in an entire week.”

Team OnSIP

New York Cares Spring Day is a daylong effort that attracts over 4,000 volunteers to 70 of the city’s most utilized green spaces. Volunteers clean, mulch, plant, and paint these areas to help prepare them for the increased summer activity. “It was really fun,” said OnSIP Software Engineer Oren Forer. “We were part of a great team, and it felt good to work in a place that people would frequently use.”

John and Oren Mulching

At 186 feet above sea level, Lookout Hill is the highest point in Prospect Park. Unfortunately, the area has fallen into a state of disrepair and disuse. Team OnSIP was tasked with revitalizing this crucial portion of the park. The work our team did contributed directly to repurposing this vital area.

Prospect Park

Team OnSIP met our donation target this year. We were plus one for our expected volunteer count, and donations are currently still open if you would like to contribute. The members of our team were satisfied with their New York Cares Day experience, and they look forward to participating again. “It was a beautiful day,” Senior Inbound Consultant Don Mancuso said. “I’m a big fan of Prospect Park, I enjoyed meeting new people, and I had a great time.”

John, Dave, and Leo Mulching