Review of Blink Lite, free SIP client for Mac OSX and Windows

Blink Lite is a free VoIP-only SIP client from Netherlands based developer AG Projects, the same people behind The application is particularly user-friendly for people who are completely unfamiliar with SIP. If you choose to get a free SIP account straight from the application, the client will automatically register using that SIP account. Blink Lite makes getting started with SIP as easy as signing up for Skype. Of course, you can also register the client with your pre-existing SIP provider.

Fitting to its name, this softphone app is light on features. It admittedly doesn't do much beyond making and receiving calls and conferencing, but what it does do, it does very well. Check out our full review of Blink Lite. Next up, we'll be reviewing Blink Pro, the more full-featured SIP client from AG Projects.