Business VoIP Providers Comparison: OnSIP Versus 8x8 - Pricing, Features, Phones, Support

Written by Joe DeBari - ⏱ 5 minute read

How do OnSIP and 8x8 compare when it comes to pricing, features, phones, and support? We conducted a VoIP comparison of the two companies to find out.

Published: July 15, 2018

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Written by Joe De Bari, Lead of Marketing Communications at OnSIP. The following content was last updated on October 31, 2018. Any new information since that date may not be included in this article.

OnSIP and 8x8 each provide businesses with top class cloud phone system solutions. Both hosted VoIP platforms were built from the ground up by their respective companies. Although the two services share many of the same features, they ultimately offer different options and experiences depending on the customer's priorities.

This blog is a deep dive comparison between OnSIP and 8x8 in the areas of pricing, features, phones, and support. Much of the information featured in this blog is available on 8x8's website. The other facts were gathered by contacting 8x8.



For the purposes of this blog, we are focusing on 8x8's Virtual Office Editions Service Plans.

8x8's Virtual Office Editions Service Plans
8x8 Virtual Office Editions Service Plans (Source)

8x8 offers its customers three pricing plans for their Virtual Office service, each billed on a per month per user basis. The Virtual Office X2 Edition costs $25.00 per month per user. The Virtual Office X5 Edition costs $35.00 per month per user. And, the Virtual Office X8 Edition costs $55.00 per month per user. Each of these plans provide unlimited calling (to an "Unlimited Calling Zone") and unlimited Internet faxing; the "Unlimited Calling Zone" covers an increasing amount of countries as you move up in plans, from 14 countries in the X2 Edition, to 47 countries in the X8 Edition.

The X2 Edition plan provides a suite of features per user, including: mobile and desktop apps, business SMS (in the U.S. and Canada), IM and Presence, voicemail, call queues, and audio and video conferencing for 5 participants. The X5 Edition plan offers the same features suite as the X2 Edition plan, with additional features such as call recording; this plan also bumps up the number of participants for audio and video conferencing to 25. And finally, the X8 Edition plan offers the same suite of features as the X5 Edition plan, with the notable addition of Contact Center features such as call recording storage, visual IVR, and reporting and analytics. The X8 plans increases the number of participants for audio and video conferencing ever higher, to 50 participants.


OnSIP's pricing plans.
OnSIP's Per Minute Plan allows you to pay only for the features and minutes you use

Customers of OnSIP can choose from among 2 paid pricing plans:

  1. Per Minute Plan: On OnSIP's Per Minute Plan, customers pay for features that they use and calls that they make on a monthly basis. This plan enables you to customize your account by building your own feature package: starting off with a basic set of popular business phone features at $49.95 per month, you can then add (and delete) additional features as needed. Calls cost 2.9 cents per minute (and 3.9 cents per minute for inbound calls to toll-free numbers). Extension to extension dialing, internal calling, and SIP-to-SIP calls are all free. There is no setup fee, nor any monthly recurring charges, when adding users or phones on this plan; you just pay for the calls that those phones make.
  2. Per User Plan: The Per User Plan offers unlimited Standard Area calling for $18.95 per person per month (the Standard Calling Area covers the continental U.S. and 14 other countries). This plan enables customers to set up an unlimited amount of calling features like voicemail boxes, groups, and auto attendants; if features like conference suites and call queues are needed, they can be purchased a la carte. Call recording for each user is included in the Per User Plan.


OnSIP and 8x8 each come with standard business calling features that are prevalent in today's hosted VoIP market: auto attendants, conference bridges, voicemail (and voicemail to email), extension dialing, HD voice, call queues, and other staple offerings that are found with all of the biggest VoIP providers.

Unlike some other hosted VoIP providers, OnSIP and 8x8 both provide geographically redundant servers in data centers across the continental U.S. (and in 8x8's case, they have additional data centers across the globe). In other words, both companies house servers and services in more than one location; that way, if there's a problem at one of the data centers, the other centers can be immediately used as backup. This kind of geographic redundancy allows OnSIP and 8x8 to retain enterprise-grade uptimes.

OnSIP provides a free business softphone to all of its customers. The OnSIP app is available in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera), on desktop for Mac and Windows computers/laptops, and on mobile for iOS and Android. With the apps, users can make/receive voice and video calls, host small group video conference calls, listen to and delete voicemails, chat with coworkers, view their presence statuses (and set his/her own as well), and more.

5-way video conference call
A group video conference call in the OnSIP app

8x8 also has business softphones available for their customers over a variety of platforms. Their Virtual Office app is available for iOS and Android devices and allows the user to make/receive calls, IM coworkers, listen to and delete voicemails, use a star code during a live call to switch from a desk phone to a smartphone, and more. 8x8's Virtual Office Desktop provides voice and video calling, call recording, SMS capabilities, visual voicemail, and more all via a Mac or PC application. And finally, their Virtual Office Softphone offers a variety of calling abilities straight from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

8x8's mobile app
8x8's Virtual Office mobile app (Source)

One of OnSIP's signature features, sayso is a unique web calling solution in the business VoIP market. Installing the sayso button on your company's website allows visitors to engage in video or voice calls with one of your staff members using only their Internet web browsers, with no downloads or plugins required. Your customers can choose which department they'd like to speak to and quickly start up a conversation with a representative with just a mouse click.

OnSIP has many integrations with CRM and helpdesk platforms, including Zendesk (with CRM lookup), Slack, Google Analytics, and others. The company also supplies developer APIs that empower web developers to add real-time communications into their own apps. 8x8 likewise integrates with many popular CRM and helpdesk platforms: Zendesk, Outlook, Salesforce, G Suite,, and others. The company similarly offers APIs for developers to use while building their apps and features.

Call monitoring features (Monitor, Whisper, and Barge) are each offered by OnSIP and 8x8. For OnSIP, these features are available in the Enhanced Queue Dashboard, an interface (built into the OnSIP app) that has two parts: a real-time call and agent dashboard, and a reporting section where supervisors can generate reports for past time periods.

8x8 has Internet faxing available through their Virtual Office Online dashboard. While in the dashboard, customers can send documents/files to any fax number; customers are notified of incoming faxes through email messages.


8x8 phones
8x8 sells a variety of popular models of business IP phones (Source)

8x8 sells IP desk phones, cordless phones, and conference phones from four main manufacturers—Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, and Panasonic—along with analog phone adapters and other accessories. The company also offers the 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program, enabling customers to rent phones from among a specified lineup of Polycom devices on a month-to-month basis. Customers are afforded the option to upgrade or change models. Customers can also use phones purchased from a third-party, as long as the phone has a valid factory-installed device certificate. For more information on third-party phones compatible with 8x8, see their Compatible Equipment Matrix webpage.

OnSIP continues to offer a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and does not sell phones to customers. The company does offer provisioned phones through a preferred partner. OnSIP furthermore provides a 'boot server' to its customers that automatically configures Polycom, Panasonic, Cisco, Yealink, and Grandstream phones. However, customers are free to use any phone that follows the SIP RFC standards— those devices will work with the service. The company also maintains its own section of objective phone reviews to help users choose the best device for themselves.


OnSIP Customer Success Team
The OnSIP Customer Success Team has an average caller wait time of 24 seconds

Based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the OnSIP Customer Success Team offers ongoing support to customers over live phone calls, emails, live chat, support tickets, and an online Knowledgebase. The team's current average caller wait time is 24 seconds per call and their customer satisfaction rating hovers around 96% (according to Zendesk statistics). OnSIP's CEO and Co-Founder Mike Oeth answers at least one support call per day, in order to stay up-to-date with issues that customers are facing.

8x8 hosts a Support webpage that links customers to a variety of FAQs and self-help articles that cover features, devices, user guides, account management, and much more. Dependent upon the region that s/he is in (USA, United Kingdom, or France), the customer is directed to a Support webpage that is specifically tailored to their region. Customers can also contact 8x8 Support via live chat, live phone calls, and support cases generated through the Knowledge Base.

8x8 is a registered trademark of 8x8, Inc. 8x8 and its products/services are not affiliated with OnSIP or Junction Networks, Inc.