Polycom Productivity Suite

Have you seen the Polycom Productivity Suite? For those of you that are using Polycom SIP phones, you may be interested in testing it.

It offers some interesting features, such as four-way visual conferencing, a LDAP tie-in, local call recording, voice quality monitoring and third party call control. MarketWire did a nice write-up back in March of the functionality. For conferences over four people, you'll still need a conference bridge (and I hope you've seen our newly launched OnSIP conferencing service), but it's a nice capacity upgrade for Polycoms, which previously only offered built-in three-way conferencing.

The LDAP tie-in is an exciting feature, since it allows you to create a corporate directory that is accessible from your phone and lets the user dial without ever punching in numbers. This is one of the best features of Cisco's proprietary (and pricey!) Call Manager solution and now it's available on a very reliable SIP phone. (And it's difficult not to mention the fact that our OnSIP Hosted PBX is much cheaper and simpler than running Call Managers!) We haven't tested this feature yet ourselves, but can easily imagine how our customers could use it to increase productivity.

Local call recording is also an excellent feature, but it's only available on Soundpoint IP 650, which is something to be aware of. Still, this is a great tool for industries where external call recording is required or for creating a record of voice conversations for historical purposes. Polycom is listing the licensing fee for $11.99 per phone, which certainly seems well worth it for the additional functionality. We'd certainly love to hear your experiences and how you're using it in your business if you do give it a try.