Click to Call in all its forms

Click to call is a form of web-based dialing in which the caller initiates a real time communication session by clicking on an item such as an image or a link. This feature is great for people who struggle to remember phone numbers, but the added convenience of being able to place any call with a simple click of the mouse is something that everyone can appreciate. OnSIP currently offers click to call features in four forms.

1. OnSIP’s first click to call feature allows users to seamlessly call any phone number from any web page simply by clicking on it. The click to call add-ons are Firefox and Chrome extensions that look for phone numbers in the web browser and automatically turn them into links.

When such a link is clicked, a call is made to OnSIP’s web-service-based call-setup API. The API then places a call to the person’s desk phone, based on the SIP address configured in the Firefox plugin, and when the person picks up, an outgoing call is placed to the number in the link.


More interesting than the actual add-on is the fact that everything gets funneled through OnSIP’s API, so anyone can create similar add-ons for any platform or browser.

2. OnSIP also offers free Microsoft Outlook Integration. This plug-in allows users to click to call their contacts, set up calls from numerous locations, and create a call to any 10-digit number right in Outlook. Also included are speed dial and redial functions.


3. OnSIP offers click to call functionality in its my.OnSIP user interface. Customers can easily click to call anyone they add to their network. Phone numbers and SIP addresses in my.OnSIP instant messaging windows can also be converted into convenient click-to-call links.


4. Finally, OnSIP offers a 'request a call' service by providing their business customers with the code to add a call button on their websites. A ‘live support’ button will be added, and when clicked, visitors to the customer’s website will be asked to provide a number where they can be reached. OnSIP then quickly lets the site owner know so that the two parties can immediately start talking.

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