Fishphone - Put a Web Page on Your Polycom Phone

So, you've got this fancy Polycom IP phone and you're wondering how you can make it do some super cool Internety stuff, aren't you? How about a tiny web page on your phone? It could list your business addresses or the company's main fax line or anything that would be useful to have at your fingertips for quick reference. Polycom lets you do this. But what if you don't want to host a web server yourself?

This is where the Fishphone project is handy. The folks at Fishphone will allow you to create a micro website and host it on their server for free. All you have to do is point your phone at the the URL they provide and, voilà, you have your web page on your phone. The instructions are simple to follow and I had a working web page within five minutes. Fishphone also provides built-in links to Twitter and Yahoo weather, which can't be turned off. Still, they're easy enough to ignore if you don't like the additional functionality. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Since this is a free service, there is no reliability guarantee. There's also no real security for the account that you set up on the Fishphone server and all data is transferred, unencrypted, over HTTP. Since you're creating a world accessible web page, don't put anything that you wouldn't share with the Internet at large. But, despite these security cautions, Fishphone is a convenient way to add some dynamic web content to your phone - and that's pretty cool.