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What Is VoIP? A Comprehensive Guide to How Business VoIP Works

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of those technologies that you use more often than you realize, even though you may never have heard the term before. Skype, Xbox Live, Ventrilo, Discord, Apple FaceTime—if you’re familiar with any of these, then you’re already familiar with VoIP. So what is it?

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Moving Offices: Bring the Phone System or Switch to the Cloud?

You're relocating your business. Many companies seize the opportunity of a move to shrink their server rooms; replacing, say, eight dedicated server machines with two servers and eight virtual machines. Or they migrate applications altogether, outsourcing to SaaS providers in the cloud.

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Disable SIP ALG and Forward NAT Ports to Stop Dropped Calls

A VoIP phone system offers your company voice and video calling, presence, business phone system functions, IM, and other communications features. But if your office network is improperly configured, these leading features might not work at all. In fact, internet problems can stop VoIP calls from even taking place.

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Hosted PBX Setup: Key Considerations

Business VoIP providers love to use the word "seamless" when describing their services. They offer "no hardware" solutions and promise easy set up "in minutes".

But is that actually the case?

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Setup DIY Phone System for Small Business in Less Than 1 Hour

OnSIP was built for people who hate waiting. We offer a complete phone system that takes less than an hour to set up - and it's all DIY. There's no extra hardware required. Deskphones optional. All you need are your laptop and your vocal chords (not included).

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6 Free IP Phone System Perks for Internal Collaboration

A free IP phone system allows you to communicate with your team through voice calls, video calls, and IM at no cost. Many of these systems eventually require you to upgrade for full features and calling options, but some free offerings are robust enough to serve as complete solutions.

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5 Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a vital tool for businesses to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers. CRM integrations allow third parties, such as cloud VoIP providers, to connect your CRM account with your business phone system and exchange data between the two platforms. But what advantages does this actually bring to your business?

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What to Do When Your VoIP Service Goes Down

Losing VoIP service can negatively impact every facet of your business. Service disruptions can result in lost opportunities, anger existing customers, and diminish your ability to communicate internally.

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How to Interpret VoIP Test Results

A VoIP test tells you if your Internet connection is equipped for a cloud phone system. If your connection does not meet the test's standards, your calls could suffer from subpar quality.

Here's a quick guide to understanding what your VoIP test results mean.

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OnSIP Visits Cloud Expo New York For Latest in Voice, SaaS, and UCaaS

Helene Kidary, our Vice President of Channel Sales, attended Cloud Expo New York this week, and we have the inside scoop!

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