Introducing OnSIP’s Business Softphone for Mac and Windows

We are excited to announce today that we officially released softphone applications for Mac and Windows. These desktop applications are fully-functional business phones with enterprise calling features and collaboration tools. Users familiar with our browser app will recognize the same interface and menu options, along with a few functions native to each operating system.

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School Phone Systems: Hosted VoIP Earns a Perfect Score

At the end of 2015, Carl Sigmond, Operations Manager at The Woolman Semester School, began a search for a new phone system. The school— located in the remote Sierra Nevadas of California— had an on-site CudaTel VoIP server that was expensive to maintain and had various call quality issues.

Carl was introduced to OnSIP by the school's IT Administrator. After deciding to go with our service, he began setting up phones with his team to connect the various buildings and dormitories spread out over the school's expansive campus.

The Woolman Semester School is a great example of how cloud VoIP phone systems can be an invaluable tool for educational facilities. These services offer a variety of features and capabilities that are ideal for a school environment, and all for a lower price than landline telephone services.

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Top 10 OnSIP Hosted PBX Features

What’s so great about a hosted phone system? While telephones have been around for decades, VoIP technology is credited with bringing about many of the phone features that we now associate with modern calling.

Just think about the last time you called a business. Were you greeted by a recording with menu options? Were you given the opportunity to dial a direct extension? Did you listen to music while waiting on hold?

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5 Best Practices for Setting Business Caller ID

With all the scammers, spammers, and malicious callers out there, people are more hesitant than ever to pick up calls they don't recognize. Your business caller ID name may seem like a minor detail, but sometimes that tiny string of letters can determine whether or not a customer will answer your calls. That's why it's important to pick a caller ID display that will make you look presentable, professional, and legitimate.

Here are a few best practices for setting your business caller ID.

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OnSIP Recognized by The Silicon Review as One of 50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2017

Last week, OnSIP was named by The Silicon Review as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2017. We are honored to have been recognized for our innovations in web-based business communications.

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Business Phone Security: 5 Measures to Prevent VoIP Fraud and Hackers

VoIP phones, like other devices on the internet, can be targeted by hackers for the purposes of fraud, theft, and other crimes. Many of these hackers hail from sophisticated operations that intend to hijack business phones for illicit calls. In 2015, toll fraud and dial through fraud was estimated to cost consumers worldwide over $46 billion dollars.

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3 Ways to Use Business Phone Line Keys on VoIP Phones

"You have a call on line one!" is a phrase we've all heard at some point. But what does that actually mean? Or if you've been shopping for VoIP phones, you may have noticed that they advertise a certain number of a 'lines'. Why do they matter, and what do you need them for?

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Business Telephone Service Provider Options by Company Size

If you've done any research into phone systems, you're well aware that there are a wide variety of business telephone service provider options on the market. But which one is right for you? With such a varied selection, you likely have some questions about how to narrow down these choices and find the right solution for your company.

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VoIP Troubleshooting: What is Traceroute and How Does it Work?

When your VoIP service deteriorates, you can perform a command known as "traceroute" on your computer to see if there are problems with your internet connection, your hosted VoIP provider, or some intermediate router along the way.

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PBX Phone System Training Tips & Best Practices

Training your co-workers to use a new business phone system isn't exactly a fun task. At one extreme, there's the option of handing them an exhaustive manual and going through all the features one by one. At the other extreme, there's the prospect of simply cutting them loose without instructions.

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