Phone Registration Not Working? Try These Tips.

If you're going through phone trouble, there's almost always a way to fix it. Business VoIP desk phones, unlike most things in life, come with a reset option. You can solve just most phone registration issues by resetting your phone and re-registering it with your cloud phone system.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: HTek UC924

We're happy to announce our latest phone review for the HTek UC924. The 924 is a color enterprise IP phone that can host up to 4 SIP accounts. Here's an excerpt from the review:

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4 Impressive Business VoIP Phones from 2016 [Free Guide]

Every year, business phone manufacturers release new models and firmware with the latest designs, features, and capabilities. In 2016, we saw several impressive IP phones enter the market. These phones featured shiny touchscreens, more customizable keys, HD voice and video codec support, and more.

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New OnSIP Admin Onboarding: Add Phone Users and Extensions

Last week, we released a new user onboarding process to help new customers set up their OnSIP accounts. This new sequence makes it easy for account administrators to add new users and assign extensions immediately after account activation, without having to log in to the OnSIP Admin Portal.

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Free Group Video Calling in the OnSIP App

We recently released multi-party video conferencing in the OnSIP app, which allows up to five users to join a free video conference. Prior to this release, users could only initiate two-way video chats with another contact. Now, up to five people can join a conference directly in their browser window with no plugins or downloads required.

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Smartphone vs Softphone: 5 Business Calling Features

Your smartphone is great for making everyday phone calls, texting, taking photos, and more. When you need to take a business call, however, there are features that your native dialer simply don't support. Softphones, or software phones, are designed to offer an alternative to your standard smartphone dialer with critical business features, including multi-party video conferencing, attended transfers, call recording, and more.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Polycom VVX 300

We're happy to announce our latest phone review for the Polycom VVX 300. The VVX 300 is a formidable entry level phone with excellent voice quality and the right features for standard office use. Here's an excerpt from the review:

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Third Party Sign In: Log In to OnSIP with Google or Slack

According to Meldium, 30% of workloads will be done in the cloud by 2018. For the average business user, that’s dozens of accounts, each with a different username and password. One way software companies have made it easier for users to log in to online accounts is to allow them to authenticate their identity using a third party. At OnSIP, users can now sign in to the OnSIP app and the OnSIP Admin Portal with their Google or Slack account.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Bria for iPhone

There are over 94 million iPhones in the US, nevermind iPad tablets, so it's understandable why Bria would want to expand into the iOS market. But why exactly do consumers need a phone-within-a-phone like Bria? The iPhone has its own calling mechanism, and to uninterested observers, it might appear like redundant software.

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Team Messaging with Slack Channel Chat in the OnSIP App

In September, we announced the release of a Slack integration with the OnSIP app. By connecting a Slack account to the OnSIP app, users can chat with other coworkers without leaving the OnSIP app window. Last week, we released a new feature to allow users to send and receive messages on Slack channels in addition to individual contacts.

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