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Video conferencing Services, Part II: Free Options for Casual Meetings

If you're making a long-distance presentation to business prospects, doing a remote deposition or webinar, you should probably go for the crisper audio, sharper video and fancier controls of a business-grade, paid video conferencing service

But say you're a small business or a department looking for something more like casual-Friday conferencing: You want to meet with two or three dispersed coworkers to get real work done, huddling over a shared screen or document or recording a brainstorming session. While you have to hear clearly, pass the mike around and clearly see the document or demo, you don't need to accommodate a Brady Bunch matrix of talking heads or be able to tell whether Steven shaved that morning.

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Video conferencing Services, Part I: When (and when not) to Pay, How to Choose

Video conferencing (VC) won its business case decades ago. Today working people of all stripes are more than willing to sit before cameras, talk to screens and remote-share desktops for the chance to stay off planes and out of airports.

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7 Key Features a Free Video Calling Service Needs

Multi-party video conferencing is becoming a mainstay of both large and small businesses. As a powerful collaboration tool, it is commonly used both within and between organizations to facilitate team meetings, client calls, product demos, and more.

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Free Group Video Calling in the OnSIP App

We recently released multi-party video conferencing in the OnSIP app, which allows up to five users to join a free video conference. Prior to this release, users could only initiate two-way video chats with another contact. Now, up to five people can join a conference directly in their browser window with no plugins or downloads required.

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Free Video Calling: 6 Enterprise Options

Today's work environment is highly interactive. Employees are often expected to be accessible via multiple channels, including email, phone, social media, text message, and video. With advances in technology such as WebRTC, video calling is now easily available and affordable. Most laptops and mobile devices are now equipped with high-quality webcams, so users can make and receive video calls at any time, from any location.

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Grandstream VideoTalk: GVC3200 and GAC2500 Expert Review with OnSIP

Two weeks ago, Eric Tamme was invited as a guest speaker on Grandstream’s IP VideoTalks series to give his reviews of the Grandstream GVC3200 and GAC2500 video conferencing solutions. Dorothy Murach of Grandstream Networks moderated the session and hosted a short Q&A following the presentation.

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6 Ways a Cloud Phone System Beats Video Conferencing Apps

Many companies use two communication solutions on a daily basis - a business phone system to handle outbound and inbound calling, and a video conferencing app, such as Skype or Google Hangouts, for their internal communication needs.

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