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Hosted PBX Setup: Key Considerations

Business VoIP providers love to use the word "seamless" when describing their services. They offer "no hardware" solutions and promise easy set up "in minutes".

But is that actually the case?

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OnSIP: A Phone System for Slack Customers

Slack is a team communications tool popular among small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. It’s the place “where work happens - whatever work means for you." We integrated Slack into our cloud phone system, because its speed, ease, and efficiency works well with our goal of helping modern organizations collaborate with each other and connect with customers while saving time and money.

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Topics: SMB Leadership, integrations, slack, the onsip app, VoIP Solutions, onsip-web app, Integrated VoIP Solutions

Generate Custom Call Links with the OnSIP Slack App

We’re excited to announce that you can now find OnSIP in the Slack App Directory. With this app, Slack users can generate free custom call links with a quick slash command, then embed them in email signatures, share them over social media, or send them directly to contacts for quick and easy phone calls.

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Topics: SMB Leadership, Business Technology, slack, the onsip app, VoIP Solutions, onsip-web app, OnSIP-integrations-Slack, Integrated VoIP Solutions