What are NAT and Firewall Traversals?

NAT and firewalls determine how Internet traffic is routed to your computers, phones and other devices. These technologies facilitate peer-to-peer filesharing, VoIP calling, and other Internet-based communications. In this blog, we'll cover what NAT and firewalls are, and how they can impact your daily Internet activities.

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How Do I Test My Internet Speed for VoIP?

A key factor of VoIP call quality is your Internet speed. Low speeds can degrade calls, causing breaks, delays, and dropped connections. A simple VoIP quality test can assess your office Internet speed, along with your general preparedness for VoIP.

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Best Business VoIP Routers: The Features and Prices You Need

Most consumer routers aren't built to accommodate business VoIP traffic right out of the box. These routers lack the proper features, or are inadequately configured, to prioritize and protect VoIP traffic.

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Finding The Right Router For SOHO: The ASUS RT-N56U

Time for a new router

Over the weekend, my home router died. Well not "died" died, per se, but began to fail to live up to my needs. It was a Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N, purchased from Amazon on sale. Total mistake. I bought it to use as a home router because the default "stock" firmware was the amazing DD-WRT firmware, probably the best firmware available for use in SOHO routers.

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