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OnSIP Tip: Please Leave a Message! How to Play Different Unavailable Announcements Using BHRs

One of the major advantages of using OnSIP at your company is the flexibility that it gives you to meet your business’s needs. As we wrote about in a previous post, you can use its cloud phone system features in many unique ways. For instance, you can unite phones that are in different offices under one ring group, and you can add sayso on your website, enabling site visitors to call your business using only their web browser windows.

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OnSIP Tips: Checking Your Voicemail Remotely

Checking your voicemail messages can be a hassle. You have to dial into a voicemail manager, enter in your voice mailbox and PIN numbers, and navigate menu prompts. And if you need to listen to the message again in order to write down a name or phone number, make sure that you press the menu prompt that replays it, not the one that deletes it!

Thankfully, there are other effortless ways to review voicemail messages, especially when you’re away from the office. Try using one of these below methods: not only will they make listening to voicemails easier, but they'll also let you retrieve and respond to messages much faster than before.

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6 Simple Steps to Set Up a Business Emergency Phone Plan

Sometimes a situation arises where your business needs to cease regular operations and deal with an emergency. This may be the result of a natural disaster, a financial setback, personal issues, or other events. While it may not be at the top of your to-do list, updating your business phone system can help your customers and stakeholders understand that things will not be “business-as-usual” for a while.

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How to Set Up a Business Voicemail Greeting With OnSIP

Going away for vacation or leaving the office unattended shouldn't stress you out. That's why OnSIP designed voicemail greeting setup to take only a handful of steps.

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Great Alternative to Find-Me-Follow-Me: The OnSIP "Press 0" Option for Voicemail

The following is a helpful tip from Tim, the SIP Maven

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