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OnSIP Tip: Please Leave a Message! How to Play Different Unavailable Announcements Using BHRs

One of the major advantages of using OnSIP at your company is the flexibility that it gives you to meet your business’s needs. As we wrote about in a previous post, you can use its cloud phone system features in many unique ways. For instance, you can unite phones that are in different offices under one ring group, and you can add sayso on your website, enabling site visitors to call your business using only their web browser windows.

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6 Simple Steps to Set Up a Business Emergency Phone Plan

Sometimes a situation arises where your business needs to cease regular operations and deal with an emergency. This may be the result of a natural disaster, a financial setback, personal issues, or other events. While it may not be at the top of your to-do list, updating your business phone system can help your customers and stakeholders understand that things will not be “business-as-usual” for a while.

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OnSIP Tips from the SIP Maven: Announcements

What is an announcement? The dictionary definition is: "A broadcast message, especially a program note or commercial" which sums up nicely what the OnSIP accouncement application does.

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Tip: Setting Up Holiday Business Hours

Here's a little trick to help make things easier as we find the holiday season upon us. Will your office be closed over the holidays? Would you like to keep your customers in the loop of your holiday schedule? Would you like calls to automatically roll over to voicemail when no one is scheduled to be in the office? You can do all of that with Junction Network's OnSIP Hosted PBX by using business hour rules and announcements. To keep your customers in the loop on your holiday hours: 1. Create a new recording under 'Resources' or by dialing *94 from any OnSIP phone. Record your holiday hours message as a recording. 2. Create a new 'Announcement' under the 'Apps' tab. Name it something easy to remember like 'holiday' 3. Re-record your attendant menu greeting to say something like "Press 4 to hear our holiday hours" 4. Edit your attendant menu so that 'on the press of 4' the caller now hears your new Announcement created above. To roll calls over to voicemail when no one will be in the office: 1.) Create a business hour rules for the week of 12/25 and 12/31. Business hour rules are free. 2.) Set it up so that when users will not be in the office, Tuesday and Wednesday for example, you set the business as 'closed'. 3.) Put them in place on Monday (or any time that week before the holiday) and let them run for the week. You can create as many Business Hour rules as you need and apply them at any time, but it's a manual process. Business hour rules are day-of-week and hour-of-day based. Be sure to return to normal operation (normal recordings and normal business hour rules)upon your return.

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