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The Step-by-Step Guide to Chairing a Business Conference Call

“Who just joined the call?”

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VoIP and the Agile Methodology: How Cloud Phone Systems Help Agile Development Teams

Let's play a quick game! What am I referring to when I say these words? Sprint...scrum...retrospective...user story...

For those of you who are part of a team that uses the Agile Methodology for software development, you no doubt figured out the answer already. The Agile Method has been around for decades and is used by many companies to create and update software.

If your company's engineering or software development team utilizes this strategy, give them business tools that can work hand-in-hand with agile communication methods. Learn how a cloud phone system can supplement their efforts in crucial ways.

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Offer Your Callers the Choice of Video...and Be Prepared to Answer Them

In the previous post, we outlined some of the best use cases for video-enabled customer service; applications that require a special level of trust and reassurance, like telehealth monitoring, financial services/tax prep, and tutoring.

We'd go a step further and note that even certain e-commerce scenarios—those whose products or services are complex or costly—are helped by look-me-in-the-eye customer service. This is something e-commerce merchants can test for themselves, using Google Analytics and correlating call-me or video-call-me button-click events with purchases and sales totals.

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Free Video Calling: 6 Enterprise Options

Today's work environment is highly interactive. Employees are often expected to be accessible via multiple channels, including email, phone, social media, text message, and video. With advances in technology such as WebRTC, video calling is now easily available and affordable. Most laptops and mobile devices are now equipped with high-quality webcams, so users can make and receive video calls at any time, from any location.

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5 Slack Integrations to Streamline Business Communications

In December of 2015, Slack launched its Slack App Directory, an online marketplace for 3rd party integrations. Users can choose from hundreds of apps across dozens of categories to ‘be more productive’ with Slack. These apps range in functionality, with the majority being either a ‘bot’ that posts notifications to a Slack channel and/or a set of slash commands that allow you to generate content or trigger actions inside your Slack client.

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Quote Software and the "New" PandaDoc Close

We at OnSIP use a variety of business tools throughout our day, including Zendesk for customer support and Slack for internal team communication.

We've just recently started using PandaDoc for our sales quoting needs, and it has become a valuable tool in our belt. The software simplifies the process of sending out polished quotes to your prospects.

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10 Ways OnSIP Differs from Hosted VoIP Competitors

So you've decided to go with a hosted VoIP provider for your company's new phone system.

We're sure that you've done some research and have a list of VoIP companies to compare. We hope OnSIP Hosted PBX has made the cut.

OnSIP's distributed (but redundant) platform, customizable pricing, and wide suite of enterprise features help us stand apart from our competitors. To assist you in your decision-making, we've compiled a list of 10 key points that illustrate how unique OnSIP is within the VoIP industry.

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Business VoIP Network Quality [5 Tips]

Today’s business VoIP solutions allow you to deploy a full phone system right on your existing office LAN, providing cost savings and performance improvements. But, ensuring business VoIP network quality can be a tricky for businesses that have multi-level offices, desks without Internet connectivity, and/or other bandwidth-intensive activities. Here's a checklist for ensuring VoIP quality on your network.

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