Access Cloud Phone System Features with a Twilio Phone Number

You may already be familiar with Twilio - the cloud service that allows app developers to make and receive phone calls and text messages through its web service APIs. Simple use cases include automated authentication requests and service alerts, though Twilio's flexibility enables far more complex applications.

What you may not be aware of, is that Twilio and OnSIP resources can work together to introduce well-polished cloud phone system features to a Twilio phone application with hardly programming at all. This is possible through our Inbound Bridge feature, which incorporates third party phone numbers (including international numbers) as if they were first party extensions.

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Manage Multiple Calls on Cisco SPA Phones with OnSIP [Video]

Being able to manage multiple calls on the same line is a basic function of an office deskphone. When you have several people on the line, it's important to know who is waiting on hold. We recently released an update for Cisco SPA phones that allows OnSIP customers to easily manage multiple calls on their deskphones.

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Use OnSIP and CyberData to Build Overhead IP Paging System

Overhead pagers are vital for manufacturing jobs, school intercoms, and any context that requires you to use a speaker system.

With OnSIP, overhead paging systems are easy to setup. For this tutorial, we're going to rely on SIP-enabled CyberData speakers to build an overhead IP paging system.

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