Update Personal Call Forwarding Preferences in the OnSIP App

Ever wanted to forward your work calls to your cell phone when you travel for a conference? We just made that super easy in the OnSIP app. This blog is for OnSIP customers who want to let individual users set their personal call forwarding preferences without any further assistance from the admin user, once the calling destinations are added to the Admin Portal.

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Free Group Video Calling in the OnSIP App

We recently released multi-party video conferencing in the OnSIP app, which allows up to five users to join a free video conference. Prior to this release, users could only initiate two-way video chats with another contact. Now, up to five people can join a conference directly in their browser window with no plugins or downloads required.

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Manage Multiple Calls on Cisco SPA Phones with OnSIP [Video]

Being able to manage multiple calls on the same line is a basic function of an office deskphone. When you have several people on the line, it's important to know who is waiting on hold. We recently released an update for Cisco SPA phones that allows OnSIP customers to easily manage multiple calls on their deskphones.

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New Feature: Call Recording Now Available for All OnSIP Customers

We're happy to announce that OnSIP customers can now record inbound and outbound calls for quality, training, and regulatory purposes. Here's an overview of the benefits, configuration, and pricing of OnSIP Call Recording.

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