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Mission: Complete! Chorus Communications’ Who’s Who in Technology, Baltimore 2019

The OnSIP Channel Team was excited to join our Chorus Communications friends at their inaugural Who’s Who in Technology, Baltimore, on June 4, 2019. The event, branching off from Chorus’s long-running Who’s Who in Technology, Philly, brought an entertaining day of learning and networking to the Charm City. OnSIP also returned as a three-time Technology Display Sponsor of Who’s Who in Technology, where our team members enjoyed the opportunity to meet face to face with Chorus Partners there.

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ITDRC OPEX19: Disaster Tech Training

The Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes in the wake of disasters to provide technical assistance and communications equipment to affected areas. Thanks to partner organizations like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Cisco, as well as volunteers with backgrounds in professional, medical, and technical spheres, the ITDRC is able to make a huge impact in any community—no matter how small or remote.

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