New OnSIP Phone Review: Bria for iPad

We're happy to announce our latest phone review: Bria for iPad (Version 3.8.1). Bria for iPad is an extension of the well-known softphone onto Apple's popular tablet. The app offers more screen real estate, HD voice and video calling, and leading features such as automatic call recording. Here's an excerpt from the review:

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Smartphone vs Softphone: 5 Business Calling Features

Your smartphone is great for making everyday phone calls, texting, taking photos, and more. When you need to take a business call, however, there are features that your native dialer simply don't support. Softphones, or software phones, are designed to offer an alternative to your standard smartphone dialer with critical business features, including multi-party video conferencing, attended transfers, call recording, and more.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Bria for iPhone

There are over 94 million iPhones in the US, nevermind iPad tablets, so it's understandable why Bria would want to expand into the iOS market. But why exactly do consumers need a phone-within-a-phone like Bria? The iPhone has its own calling mechanism, and to uninterested observers, it might appear like redundant software.

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New OnSIP Phone Review: Bria for Android (v3.7)

Bria for Android brings the well-respected softphone to the Android platform. With presence, messaging, video calling, and business phone features, Bria for Android is aiming to supercede the office phone you have on your desk. From the review:

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