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Cloud Phone System Review Sites

by Nicole Hayward

Here is a list of seven websites with authentic cloud phone system reviews. Don't buy before you read them!

Published: October 20, 2015

According to Google, 88% of consumers research before they buy, and they consult an average of 10.4 sources. So it's likely that if you're considering a cloud phone system, you plan on reading reviews beforehand.  

Here are seven websites and platforms where you can find reviews: 

1. Trustpilot.com

Trustpilot is an online review platform that is dedicated to improving relationships between companies and their customers. Customers can share their experiences by writing reviews on Trustpilot, and companies can then interact with those customers to learn from their comments. Once a company creates a profile page on Trustpilot, they can start inviting their customers to leave reviews. We’re especially proud of this review that a customer left for OnSIP:

Great quality products backed by The Best consistent support I've ever received, bar none. I hope to model the support my company provides after this team!

2. WhichVoIP.org 

WhichVoIP.org is a popular VoIP provider comparison site. While it's clear cloud phone system providers run advertising on this website, we can say first-hand that there are authentic reviews. Their analysts carefully compare services by feature and pricing, and we regularly encourage our customers to write reviews. Here's one we like about OnSIP:

"We liked the ability to add users without seat licensing cost. We really like the fact we pay for actual minutes used. It was fairly straightforward to set up the virtual PBX and program all our Polycom phones with OnSIP's instructions & assistance. We had a couple of sticking point & they were quick to respond to us. We have used OnSIP now for 2 years & have no plans to change; we love it."

3. Spiceworks.com

Spiceworks.com has a community of millions of IT professionals (a.k.a. "SpiceHeads") from over 200 countries who discuss tech solutions of all kinds for businesses. When I last checked, the community boasted 236,170 reviews on 41,429 products. Here's one of our favorite reviews about OnSIP Hosted VoIP:

OnSIP was amazing. The control panel was easy to use with quite a few options and configurations. Their support was amazing and is what makes me able to fully recommend them!!

If you join Spiceworks.com, you can also ask questions to their forum groups; there is a category focused on VoIP. If you're in IT, you're bound to find some entertainment in there as well— such as this thread on Awkward Halloween Costumes at Work.  

4. VoIPReview.org

VoIPReview.org is another one of the cloud phone system comparison websites out there. Here's one we're proud of: 

"Easy to customize features to exactly what we need Don't pay for what we don't use Excellent pricing, multiple pricing models for different types of business Excellent call quality BRILLIANT, responsive, conscientious, and FRIENDLY customer service."

5. Top10VoIPList.com

Top10VoIPList.com is a VoIP and virtual PBX comparison platform that unlocks a number of provider details, helping you find a qualified and suitable provider easier and faster. Experts provide comparisons, while the reviews are left by actual customers.

Here's one of our favorite reviews from Top10VoIP.com:

“What I really like about OnSip Business is their incredibly easy-to-use online portal. They make it really simple to add and remove features and forward calls to your cell phone, which is great.”

6. Hosted PBX System Provider's Website

Many hosted PBX providers interview customers for their own marketing, but testimonials are solid proof of happy customers willing to vouch for the service. When researching hosted PBX system options, why not look for customer testimonials by businesses similar to yours? Check out OnSIP customer testimonials, and here's a video that an awesome customer agreed to let us shoot below!



7. Reddit.com

If you're looking for unfiltered reviews, look no further than Reddit.com. There is a long-standing VoIP forum. Actually one of my favorite reviews (ever) is on Reddit:

I have no association with OnSIP other than I recently setup my company with them. I found OnSIP through reddit, and I thought I should return the favor.

If you're looking for a reasonably priced hosted VOIP service, then you must check out OnSIP. Their service, uptime, features, and, most importantly, customer support are all fantastic. As a small business owner I have very little time, no IT staff, and limited financial resources. I was able to set up our entire system on my own, and any time I had ANY question, OnSIP answered the call and stayed with me on the phone until we figured it out.

If you want to read the rest of that review, check it out here!

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