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Online Personal Styling with sayso Live Chat

by Margaret Joy

Want to give your online shoppers personal styling advice? It's time to try sayso sales chat!

A chatbot can’t tell your online customers which fit or style at your particular store best suits them, but a live, friendly conversation right through your ecommerce website can answer any number of fit and style questions in no time. Your customers will be more satisfied with their purchase and less likely to return the item. 

Give Your Customers the Personal Stylist They Want

Life is hectic even for the best of us. Sometimes we just want someone to pick out our clothes for us, but who has the time to trek to a department store or boutique and spend enough time for a personal shopper to understand our style and lifestyle?

How sayso Can Help

  1. Personal styling for the 21st century—with video calls through sayso, customers get the attention and results of a personal stylist without investing time they may not have. 
  2. With features like Team Pages from OnSIP, customers can call the same person back whenever they’re available. Forget returns—you’ll be building up ranks of loyal returning customers. 
  3. No time to pick out a last-minute outfit? No problem. Have your customers call up a store stylist through sayso and let them swing by and pick up their items after work. 

The Wrong Fit and Size Can Kill Your Sale

No two brands are the same when it comes to sizing. Forget international sizing–it’s hard enough to find a standard in the US. You might have a general baseline but be two sizes up at one favorite store and one down at another. You may need to constantly adjust your size even within the same brand based on which types of clothes you’re purchasing. 

And this is all assuming you stay the exact same measurements all the time. (Hint: No one does.) It feels lovely to put in a big clothing order online, but that joy is ripped away from both the company and the customer when the clothes end up returned because they don’t fit correctly.

How sayso Can Help

  1. Online size charts are subjective beyond belief—customers can click the sayso button to get insight directly from store employees. 
  2. Customers can call to get an idea of how the brand usually runs–TTS, big, or small. 
  3. With customers calling to get better ideas of how your brand will fit them, they’re more likely to buy the fit they’re looking for and keep the item instead of returning it.  

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Returns: The Stealthy Threat to Your Bottom Line

Did you hear the one where 70% of online shoppers struggle to find the right size? We’ve been there, and we’re sure you have as well. Don’t let this struggle affect your bottom line. Instead of seeing returns piling up, use sayso.

How sayso Can Help

  1. Personal insight from voice calls with store employees who can compare similar brands your customers typically wear. 
  2. Chat with customers to see which type of fit they prefer and steer them toward items that follow those preferences—after all, it’s hard to tell from online images how form-fitting or forgiving clothes can be. 
  3. Get even more personal with video calls—even after a purchase is made, a customer could call in to find out if they should exchange for another size based on the fit rather than returning the item. 

Screenshot of sayso desktop popup window.


Are Your Customers Abandoning Their Shopping Carts?

You’ve done it too. Ever wondered why? Maybe you started looking at other websites for a better price or different styles. Maybe you went to go check a size in your closet and got distracted. Store associates could likely answer questions like these so carts get checked out rather than abandoned. 

How sayso Can Help

  1. Answer quick questions about pricing, fit, or sale info. 
  2. Customers can quickly get the answers they want before they move away from their screen and forget they were shopping. 
  3. Instant responses keep customers on your site rather than losing attention or deciding they don’t really need to shop right that moment anyway. 

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