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Turn Every Call Into a Connection With sayso

by Kevin Bartley

sayso, OnSIP's WebRTC-based feature, empowers website visitors to initiate a voice or video call with a business with a single click.

Update: InstaCall has been succeeded by sayso, our complete web-based inbound calling solution.

This week we announced the official launch of InstaCall, OnSIP's WebRTC-based feature that empowers website visitors to initiate a voice or video call with a business in a single mouse click.

InstaCall delivers real-time caller insight, enhanced marketing intelligence through Google Analytics integration, and richer customer interactions with video calling.

InstaCall can be easily placed on any webpage. The OnSIP Admin Portal generates a tiny snippet of HTML code, which your web developer can quickly insert on any portion of your website. InstaCall does not require customers to download any plugins or software. It works for anybody using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox, and it is free with any OnSIP account.

InstaCall is the first release of "context-based calling," which allows you to handle the call based on the caller's context for more seamless CRM:

  • Create any number of InstaCall buttons, each with a unique caller ID tag so the answering agent knows from which webpage the visitor clicked to call.
  • Make custom data available to agents receiving calls, such as each caller’s account ID, which SKU the caller is viewing, etc.
  • For each button, decide where to send the call based on the page the caller is viewing. For example, if your website visitor is on a pricing page, send them directly to a sales queue, and don't waste their time with other options that aren't pertinent to them.
  • If you have a Google Analytics account, take advantage of our Google Analytics integration to track call information as Events.
Little Kids Rock

InstaCall's beta testers have discovered the benefits of the feature by implementing it on their own sites. "InstaCall will enable our stakeholders to get in touch with the right people quickly and easily from our website," said Little Kids Rock IT Manager Laura Subotky. "I like the idea of contextually sensitive buttons. Our customer service will improve by saving staff time, and our organization will be more efficient in general."

So give it a shot! Log into the OnSIP Admin Portal and get started with this InstaCall Guide.

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