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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Scaling Up With AdLarge

by OnSIP

AdLarge, an advertising sales organization, chose OnSIP because they needed their business phone system to scale with their growth.

AdLarge cofounders Gary Schonfeld and Cathy Csukas

AdLarge was an expanding company in the middle of moving to a larger office when it came to OnSIP in 2011. The fastest-growing premium advertising sales representation organization in the US, it represents radio, digital, and mobile content providers. The firm has enhanced the industry’s traditional business model through strategic asset utilization of its partners’ content and technology.

Overall, AdLarge was impressed with OnSIP's geographic flexibility, its potential for expansion, and its diverse feature set. AdLarge currently has 25 OnSIP users: 30 phones total, 5 of which are used by employees outside of the main NYC office.

We asked Operations Manager Ilwira Marciszek about AdLarge's experience with OnSIP.

1) Tell us about AdLarge.

AdLarge was founded in 2010 by two network radio industry veterans as an independent ad representation company, focused on personal attention and creating partnerships that increase value for both content producers and advertisers.

We represent advertising inventory for a wide variety of content producers, in both the terrestrial and digital audio space, to the national advertising market. We work with ad agencies and clients directly and are focused on highlighting the key features of each one of our partners to the ad marketplace.

2) What do you do at AdLarge, and what role did you play in choosing a new phone system?

I am the Operations Manager. I am in charge of IT and the digital/streaming department. I actually found OnSIP via a Google search when we were expanding and moving locations in 2011. We were looking for a reliable and affordable phone system that could easily adapt to our growing company without the major costs of buying and running our own system. We chose based on price and features, and OnSIP was a good value based on cost and benefits.

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3) Tell us about your transition to VoIP. What were you looking for in a phone system?

Our transition to VoIP was concurrent with our move from a shared office space to our own space. Since we don't have a dedicated IT staff, we needed something that we were able to set up easily. We also wanted something that would allow our sales team to work from anywhere, and we found OnSIP's mobility to be a good fit for us.

4) What phone models did AdLarge choose and why?

We use a combination of Polycom Soundpoint 335s, 450s, and Polycom SoundStation 6000s. We chose Polycoms based on their excellent reviews, voice quality, ease of setup with OnSIP, and affordability.

5) What are your favorite OnSIP features?

A sales team favorite is the call forward to external number feature. They use it to be connected to their office phones seamlessly when they are traveling. Another favorite is the voicemail to email feature, especially because it deletes the message from the voice system after you get the attachment. I know it saves people a lot of time from having to call into the voicemail system to clean out old messages.

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