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Auto Attendant acts as your own Virtual Receptionist - Give your 5 person shop a professional image with a fully customizable Auto Attendant menu. Add announcements, a dial-by-name directory, and business hours routing rules to make life easier for both you and your customers.

Business Phone Service Selection Process - What should you be considering when shopping for a phone service for your company, and what questions should you be asking? A lot of headaches can be avoided by going into this process knowing exactly what red flags to look for. Don't let rosy sales pitches and giveaways fool you; you'll be suffering in the end if the service isn't what you expected.

The New Business Phone System - POTS, or Plain Old Telephone Service, lines are old and outdated. When designing our OnSIP phone service and the my.OnSIP Unified Communications interface, we strived to imagine what a phone system might look like if it were invented today, with today's technologies such as the Internet, instant messaging and presence working together to build the underlying framework. That's the product we created.

Click to Call in All its Forms - Click to call is a form of web-based dialing in which you call someone by simply clicking on an image or a link. OnSIP currently supports Click to call in Chrome, Firefox, and Outlook. Phone numbers within your browser or window are automatically turned into clickable links.

Hosted VoIP Service Explained - OnSIP is a hosted VoIP service designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. We're not alone. There are dozens of other 'hosted' phone service solutions out there competing for your business. However, we are alone in what we offer.

Presence - Perhaps first popularized in instant messaging services, presence indicators convey your ability and willingness to start a new conversation. Presence is now making its way into your phone service. The my.OnSIP unified communications dashboard includes a new approach to the age-old Busy Lamp Field. It will show you who's on a call, and how long they've been on the line.

VoIP meets IM - The my.OnSIP unified communications dashboard combines our VoIP voice services and our XMPP instant messaging services. We create a private XMPP network for your business, and allow you to add any contacts you wish to it. Best of all, it's all built on open industry standards so you can use any XMPP IM client of your choice.

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