APR 2014

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OnSIP Sponsors WebRTC Conference and Expo IV

OnSIP is proud to sponsor the WebRTC Conference and Expo IV this year. The event will take place on June 17-19 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia. As the longest running global WebRTC Ecosystem Event, the conference will showcase some of the year's best WebRTC implementations, and informative panels will explore broader topics related to WebRTC.

OnSIP CTO and Head of Engineering John Riordan will give a talk entitled "Using WebRTC to Deliver Enterprise Services" on June 17th. This session will focus on how WebRTC can be used to deliver new and advanced services to enterprises, ranging from Unified Communications to Contact Center. It will also look at how Service Providers can utilize WebRTC in their own operations.

APR 2014

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OnSIP Contributes FreeSWITCH Patch to Enhance WebRTC Implementations

Our latest collaboration with FreeSWITCH aims to solve delay issues that a WebRTC user agent may experience while calling a non-WebRTC user agent. Our engineers have remedied the phenomenon, experienced in FreeSWITCH-based applications, of picking up a call and hearing nothing for the first few seconds. This was accomplished through an innovative reconfiguration of the offer/answer portion of the call. Here are some details:

MAR 2014

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Rich Feature Set and Geographic Flexibility Bring Sonatype to OnSIP

The Sonatype Team

Sonatype is a pioneer in component-based software development committed to securing the software supply chain, and the maintainer of the Central Repository, the default repository for Apache Maven, SBT, and other build systems that can be easily used from Apache Ant/Ivy. With a geographically diverse user base, Sonatype relies on the power of OnSIP's distributed SIP platform to connect its workers. We recently interviewed Technical Operations Lead Jason Swank on what Sonatype's past year with OnSIP has been like.

MAR 2014

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OnSIP's New York Office Praises the Keurig Overlord

Coffee and its tasty variants are an integral part of any office. Well, there's probably at least one office in the United States where no one drinks it. But that office is not OnSIP NYC. The Keurig, suffering from no lack of usage, can usually be heard gurgling in our office kitchen. It's worked to the max during marathon coding sessions, and now OnSIP has decided to pay homage to it by reminiscing about some our favorite K-Cups.

MAR 2014

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SIP Scaling Patent Crystallizes Portion of OnSIP's Core Architecture

We're happy to announce that our latest SIP Scaling patent has been approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. "System and Method for Geographic SIP Scaling" was issued as U.S. Patent Number 8,650,243 on February 11, 2014. The patent continues the spirit of innovation that has fostered our greatest achievements, the crucial breakthroughs that translate not just to more customers, but to broader considerations in the realm of technological invention.

The patent relates to the geographic scalability and uptime of real-time communications services, such as OnSIP. The innovation allows us to continuously scale the OnSIP platform, transparently migrate customers around the OnSIP network, and provide a more robust infrastructure overall. This form of scalability is at the very heart of OnSIP's core architecture, and it has proven to be a critical mechanism during extraordinary occasions.

OnSIP's geographically distributed architecture relies on technological methods outlined in our recent SIP scaling patent
MAR 2014

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Opera, WebRTC

Opera Adds Support for WebRTC

WebRTC users now have a third browser choice when selecting a WebRTC-enabled browser. This is another step forward towards complete WebRTC adoption by the major browsers. Opera has recently changed its underlying rendering engine from Presto to Blink, the same rendering engine that is used by Google Chrome. This engineering decision by Opera, to use the same rendering engine as Chrome, made updating GetOnSIP and Instacall Beta to support Opera painless.

MAR 2014

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WebRTC Outlook 2014: A Close Look at the Future of an Emerging Technology by WebRTC World

WebRTC World recently published its WebRTC Outlook 2014, a collection of feedback and statistics from leading vendors, entrepreneurs and users in the WebRTC community on the future of the emerging technology. The 19 page study serves as a kind of brief and helpful barometer of the industry's current climate toward WebRTC development in the coming year. The study does not necessarily break new ground in the substance of its claims (other outside observers, along with the OnSIP blog, have already documented many of its trends), but it does serve as an effective cornerstone to the ideas and opinions that shaped the WebRTC ecosystem in 2013.

(Image Courtesy of WebRTC World)
FEB 2014

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Quick Tips on How to Improve VoIP Call Quality

Call quality is always a primary consideration for anybody looking to utilize a phone system. Whether a call suffers from echo, choppiness, or delay, the disruption of a given call can result in anything from minor annoyances to serious impediments. But oftentimes, network admin can implement solutions on their own networks to ensure that these issues disappear.

While we have limited control over what happens to packets outside our network, OnSIP has engineered its system, network, and Internet connectivity to minimize packet loss, jitter, and latency.

  • The fact that we are geographically distributed allows us to chart the shortest path for call routing.
  • We peer directly with Tier 1 service providers, allowing us to avoid the network hops that can often degrade call quality.
  • We maintain a physically separate network for real time media traffic to avoid congestion.
  • We over-provision capacity and take a proactive approach to preventing congestion by utilizing self-limiting and fixed rate protocols

At all times, by design, we operate at 0% packet loss and less than 1ms of latency across our network. However, as Robert Bellovin of Software Advice, reviews call quality symptoms that can occur on the ast leg of the call— a business' network.

"Many businesses do not have a dedicated IT staff, but there are usually easy fixes to many of the common call quality issues users might experience," said Bellovin. The following diagram illustrates common call-quality issues and the network devices that are known to cause them. (Image courtesy of Software Advice)

FEB 2014

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OnSIP is Proud to be a 2014 Gold Sponsor of Women in the Channel

OnSIP is happy to announce our 2014 gold sponsorship of Women in the Channel (WiC), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of female channel leaders in technology, by co-sponsoring its seventh semiannual networking and education event. The event will be held Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 5:00 P.M. at the Burnham Ballroom in the Venetian and Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As we've written about a few times before, WiC aims to connect women who are in leadership, ownership and revenue generating roles in the alternate sales channel sector of the telecommunications industry, and OnSIP is excited to be a part of its latest venture.

The event is a volunteer organized evening and includes an hour of networking with a hosted bar followed by two great education sessions sure to inspire.

FEB 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 04:10 PM EST

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OnSIP's First CodeDay Lets High School Students Realize Their Programming Potentials

This weekend, OnSIP hosted our first 24 hour CodeDay Hackathon in conjunction with Student RND. The CodeDay took place in OnSIP's New York office from Saturday at noon and until noon on Sunday. This was an educational opportunity for high school students of all skill levels and backgrounds who were interested in getting hands on experience with programming. OnSIP hosted the event simultaneously with other CodeDay Hackathons in Washington D.C., Iowa, Austin, Kansas City, and Denver.

"It's amazing how much we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time," said High School Junior Brian Dwyer. "I never thought I could learn so much about programming in 24 hours. The setup of the CodeDay pushed us to work and learn as much as we could."