JUL 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 10:08 AM EDT

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OnSIP CTO John Riordan Talks WebRTC and The OnSIP Network at ClueCon 2014

We're excited to attend FreeSWITCH's 10th Annual ClueCon conference next week (Aug. 4-7), the yearly telephony and VoIP convention that attracts leading developers interested in telecommunications. Following last year's presentation, OnSIP CTO John Riordan will present once again at 11 am CDT on August 5th at the Intercontinental Chicago Hotel. This time around, John will discuss how to design and implement WebRTC and SIP-based applications, an issue we've tackled in the past year with InstaCall, The OnSIP Network, and SIP.js This is the fourth stop on OnSIP's "WebRTC Events Tour" this summer.

OnSIP CTO John Riordan presenting at last year's ClueCon conference
JUL 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 05:05 PM EDT

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Why Is Business VoIP Expanding Slower Than Residential VoIP?

The FCC released a comprehensive report last month that documents the steady growth of VoIP in businesses and residences across the country. The continued adoption of VoIP is a widely documented phenomenon that risks disinterest, but the metrics of this particular study garnered some finely detailed information about how different segments of America are adopting IP phone services. Perhaps most relevant to the work that we do at OnSIP, the study found that residential VoIP is growing at three times the rate of business VoIP, although both segments are expanding significantly.

As of June 2013, Residential VoIP adoption is growing at three times that of Business VoIP (Courtesy: FCC)
JUL 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 04:47 PM EDT

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Hosted PBX Meets WebRTC: Good Things to Come for America's 30 Million Teleworkers

InstaPhone blurs the lines between hosted PBX and OTT real-time communications

As we recently discussed on our blog, the boundaries between hosted PBX services (traditionally anchored by desk phones) and other OTT real-time communications services are quickly being redrawn by WebRTC. Hosted PBX staples such as the ability to answer work calls from home, video conference into a meeting room, and IM with coworkers have traditionally required desktop software clients, downloadable browser plugins, and/or conferencing equipment. Today, these capabilities are implementable in browser applications built with Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), opening new doors for applications that cater to remote working.

The idea offers particular advantages to the country's burgeoning mobile workforce. According to Global Workplace Analytics, over 4 million people work away from the office on a daily basis. When the metric is changed to people who work from home in any capacity, the number balloons to 1/5 of the workforce (30 million people), a figure that has increased almost 80% since 2005. This has given workers unprecedented leeway in their work situation, but it also creates new technical challenges for those who want to remain productive, integrated, and fully functional members of the company.

JUL 2014

Posted by Nicole at 01:26 PM EDT

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How Will WebRTC Affect the Business VoIP Market? [Infographic]

Nicole Hayward, VP of Marketing & Product Management at OnSIP

OnSIP has provided a hosted PBX solution for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve experienced first hand the business VoIP adoption curve. We listened as the discussion changed from “Is business VoIP reliable enough?" to “Is a hosted PBX or an on-premise IP-PBX solution right for my business?”

JUL 2014

Posted by James Criscuolo at 12:13 PM EDT

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SIP.js, WebRTC

JUL 2014

Posted by Kevin Malcolm at 12:36 PM EDT

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OnSIP CTO John Riordan Speaks On SIP.js and The OnSIP Network at DevCon5

DevCon5 logo

We're excited to attend and sponsor DevCon5 this week, the annual HTML5 & Mobile App Developers Conference hosted a few subway stops away from us in New York City. OnSIP CTO John Riordan is slated to talk about the technical challenges of modifying our own JavaScript library (SIP.js) to fully integrate WebRTC into our mature SIP platform. DevCon5 will feature two full days of exhibitions from dozens of web-focused companies, as well as presentations by several recognized authorities in the web development world.

JUN 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 02:06 PM EDT

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InstaCall Wins TMC's 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

We are happy to announce that InstaCall has won TMC's 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. If you've been following our blog, you know that InstaCall is a new communications channel that lets your website visitors initiate a voice or video call with a single click.

The WebRTC-based solution has been fully integrated with our hosted PBX offering, and we offer an open source JavaScript SIP library for developers to further customize their own WebRTC video sales and support tools. Our team is excited to see our hard work recognized by a leading media outlet in the tech industry.

JUN 2014

Posted by Nicole at 06:06 PM EDT

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Thoughts on WebRTC Conference & Expo and "Where Are All The Web Developers?"

Nicole Hayward, VP of Marketing & Product Management at OnSIP

I recently read a good blog by Billy Chia of Asterisk on NoJitter entitled Developers, Not Dial Tone, and it got me thinking. Billy points out a theme that I also experienced at the recent WebRTC Conference & Expo IV: Many conversations involved how carriers are reacting to WebRTC, getting WebRTC calls to and from the traditional telecom systems, and so on. Terms like "SBC" were spoken, and I think this irritated a handful of WebRTC pioneers.

JUN 2014

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 03:14 PM EDT

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OnSIP CTO John Riordan Named a WebRTC Pioneer at WebRTC Conference and Expo IV

Last week, our team traveled to Atlanta for 2014's WebRTC Conference and Expo for three days of talks, presentations, and demonstrations from experts in the WebRTC ecosystem. We are proud to say that John Riordan, CTO of OnSIP, took home a WebRTC Pioneer award, an achievement that recognizes exceptional innovators in the young space.

At the OnSIP table, we chatted with attendees about the benefits of our signaling network for WebRTC developers and open source JavaScript library for WebRTC developers, SIP.js. We also demonstrated InstaCall, a WebRTC-based OnSIP feature that enables any business to add contextual-based video sales and support to their website in minutes.

JUN 2014

Posted by Will at 05:22 PM EDT

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Trusted Payments with SIP: Technical Overview

Last weekend, I ventured to Spain to attend TADHack 2014. Overall, it was a great event; developers from all around the world gathered in Madrid as well as the many satellite locations across the globe to share creative new ideas spanning topics like distributed GSM networks for rural villages, SMS APIs to summon garbage pickup, and, of course, WebRTC. One of the themes included Bitcoin and payment systems, so I asked myself what happens when you combine instant communications in the browser with distributed, electronic crypto-currencies. What if you could tie payments directly into a session?

Many applications connect you with a premium endpoint, at a cost. Bitcoin could be used to eliminate the need for trust. You wouldn’t have to worry about paying for an hour, just to have the person hang up after two minutes. At the same time, the tutor wouldn’t have fear that you will talk with them for hours and never send payment.

The result was my hack: Trusted Payments With SIP.