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5 Ways to Engage Callers With Video on Hold

by Kevin Bartley

Here are 5 ways to use video on hold to keep customers from hanging up.

Online videos are one of the most effective ways of capturing people’s attention, and studies have shown that people who watch a branded video are likely to buy a product or sign up for a service. Queue Video on Hold harnesses this persuasive power of video, entertaining customers as they wait for their video calls to be answered. 

Video on Hold can influence callers right before they speak to a customer representative. The videos you choose could be the tipping point between closing a deal, selling a product, or solving a problem. Callers are also less likely to hang up, giving your sales or support teams a better chance at answering their questions. 

Here are 5 interesting and effective ways to keep your customers occupied with Video on Hold. 

1. Educational Product Video  

“Educational videos are a great way to remind callers about your products or services before they speak to a customer representative. A good video also presents a professional brand image to your callers, priming them for their upcoming conversation.

For a sales line, use a product video to highlight your bestselling items, or feature a new line of offerings that might interest consumers. For a support line, an educational video can help customers identify the specific questions they want to ask.”

Video on Hold is also a perfect outlet for plugging accessories that are sold alongside the main product. Even if customers fail to buy the accessory products right away, they're still getting a look at side items they might like to purchase down the road. 

2. How-To Videos 

If customers are frequently calling to ask the same questions about how to setup or use your product, you might consider showing a how-to video. For technical issues, a visual demonstration can be much more helpful than an automated voice message or text instructions. By showing these tutorial videos, some users might even find the answers they need without having to talk to an agent at all, saving you valuable time and resources.

From a sales perspective, these How-To videos can be used to showcase the product in action. If you market a mechanical product, an unboxing video can go a long way to show that it's easy or doable to setup your product. These videos are especially helpful if you're trying to close the deal with a tech averse crowd.  

3. Sales/Discounts 

Throw some potential discounts at your customers while they're waiting in line. Give them time sensitive deals that make them more likely to decide whether or not they want your product in the upcoming conversation they're about to have.

Giving out deals right before a sales call puts customers in the mindset that they're saving money with your product. You can make the psychology of a customer change right before a crucial decision point.  

4. Customer Testimonials

Nothing demonstrates the quality of your product better than customer testimonials. The power of hearing happy feedback from people who have used your product is a very potent marketing force. By appealing to empathy, you can guide potential customers to relate to your customers and see why you are the right solution for their needs.

If you want to make a customer testimonial video, ask your customer support staff if they know of any companies that are very satisfied with your product or services. Then track one of the companies down and give them an incentive - such as a gift card - to participate in a customer testimonial video. 

5. Plain 'ol Entertainment

People love to be entertained. After all, there's a reason streaming video accounts for over 70% of all Internet traffic. The whole point of Video on Hold is to eliminate the droll elevator music your callers are so used to listening to, amusing them enough so they stay on the line.

Surprise your customers with a funny or informative video that has something to do with your company. Or just give them some plain 'ol entertainment: cat videos, comedy clips, or anything that makes your customers forget they're waiting in line.   

Enhanced Queues: The Key to Video on Hold

Rather than making your callers wait idly for the next representative, Video on Hold gives you the opportunity to engage them on the line. Use this valuable time to present useful information and build a positive brand image of your company.

At OnSIP, Video on Hold is part of our Enhanced Queues feature for call centers, which recently won a WebRTC Product of the Year Award. If you’re an OnSIP customer, visit our Knowledgebase for detailed steps on setting up your own Video on Hold. It also works great with sayso links. Let us know how your videos work out on Twitter or Facebook!

Try these 5 options out, and let us know what you think about Video on Hold via Twitter or Facebook!

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