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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Hanse Environmental and Its Global Customer Base

by Kevin Bartley

We recently reached out to the owner of Hanse Environmental Inc. to get his take on how OnSIP's InstaCall has helped his business.

For over twenty years, Hanse Environmental has been a global supplier of Environmental Stress Systems, or devices that can achieve and sustain both normal and extreme temperatures with speed and consistency. This comes in handy for companies who need to see if their products can operate correctly in specific climates. Since becoming an OnSIP hosted PBX customer two years ago, Hanse Environmental has been implementing some of our latest features, including OnSIP InstaCall. We recently reached out to company owner John Hanse to get his take on how InstaCall has helped his business.

1. Tell us about Hanse Environmental

Hanse Environmental Inc. builds environmental test chambers. These chambers range in size, but all our customers need to simulate many different environments in order to test their products. So our equipment can produce environments of 200 degrees Celsius to -100 degrees Celsius and change temperature rapidly at over 100 C/min. We can also add humidity and vibration to our chambers. We sell our products all over the world, to Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, among others.

Hanse Environmental's HALT/HASS chambers
Hanse Environmental's HALT/HASS chambers generate environments with customized temperature and humidity

2. What do you do at Hanse Environmental, and what role did you play in choosing OnSIP?

We looked at many different services when we were upgrading our phone system. Our old system was Lucent/ATT partner phone system. This system had limited capabilities to transfer phone calls outside of its own extensions. We had many workers who are not always at their desk, but we still need to get phone calls to them. We had considered many Per user unlimited offerings, but we wanted to be able to have multiple extensions in multiple locations, not just at a user's desk.

We found OnSIP and loved that we could have as many users and extensions as we needed and only have to pay for the minutes and features that we needed. Other SIP phone offerings would have required us to pay for unlimited seats at locations such as our shipping dock, where phone usage is minimal and limited to internal calls only.

OnSIP's InstaCall button on the Hanse Environmental website
Two InstaCall buttons placed on the About Us section of Hanse Environmental's website

3. Where have you placed the InstaCall button on your website?

We placed InstaCall on our homepage as well as on the About Us page.

4. How has InstaCall helped Hanse Environmental? Or, how do you envision InstaCall will help your business going forward?

It allows our customers to quickly call us without a traditional phone. This is beneficial if they have international calling privileges as many of our customers do overseas.

5. How do you think WebRTC-based communications such as InstaCall will affect your industry? What are some of the benefits? What are some hurdles?

With features like InstaCall, our agents all over the world can quickly call our main office for no extra cost.

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6. Do you have plans to roll out InstaCall on other sections of your site? Any features you'd like to see implemented?

We have InstaCall installed on our webpage header, which means it's accessible on any page on our site. I am hoping InstaCall will support other browsers when WebRTC experiences more adoption.

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