New OnSIP Phone Reviews: VTech VSP600/601/608

We're happy to announce our latest phone reviews! The VTech VSP600 is a DECT base station that hosts phones such as the VSP601 cordless handset, and the unique VSP608 wireless deskset. We reviewed all three of these devices together in our latest review.

From the review:

We would classify the VTech VSP600/601 and VSP608 as solid DECT phones with great battery life, particularly the VSP601. The wireless VSP608 is especially unique, given that it has a rechargeable battery and can convert between a handset and a desk phone. It was also interesting that the phone could operate without a direct Internet connection. We haven't reviewed any phones like this in the past, and the added flexibility is certainly a good thing.

These phones don't have the greatest sound quality, but are decent enough for the price point. As we stressed above, we would not recommend using the VTech VSP600/601 or VSP608 as the primary phones in your office. These devices are great as supplements, but due to the concurrent call limitations, they probably can't function as a complete phone solution for your business.

Check out our full review for the complete assessment of these three devices.

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