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Our phone review team has compiled a list of our Top Business VoIP Phones for 2016.

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Yealink T49G star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24


The SIP VP-T49G is Yealink’s newest collaborative video phone. As part of the high-end T4X series offered by Yealink, it's an evolutionary leap over the VP-2009 model we’ve used in the past. The VP-2009 was Yealink’s first attempt at combining video calling with SIP phones, and it’s clear that the T49G is a more mature device.

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Yealink SIP-T28P star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_grey_24

“The quality of a Polycom at the price point of a Grandstream.”

I’ve heard Yealink phones described to me like this multiple times. I don’t remember who it was exactly that said it, but the description has since stuck in my head. It could’ve even been a Yealink reseller as the phrase certainly is a catchy way to pitch the brand to a person like myself—someone who is at least somewhat familiar with the established players in the VoIP hardware industry.

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Yealink SIP-T22P star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_grey_24

The Yealink SIP-T22P is a PoE enabled 3-line enterprise IP desk phone that comes with most, if not all of the features you might expect from a phone that costs twice as much: a 132x64 pixel backlit LCD display, high definition voice, HD speakerphone, RJ9 headset jack, etc.

Although this phone is compact like an ‘entry’ level model, the T22P actually sits somewhere in the middle of the pack in Yealink’s lineup. The company also makes the T20 and T18, its double and single line IP phones.

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