Hosted PBX: Why go hosted?

Replace your business phone system with a robust & reliable hosted PBX platform delivered over the Internet.

OnSIP specializes in combining enterprise-class PBX services, unified communications, and business application integrations. We bundle all of these components and deliver it reliably through our own cloud-based infrastructure at an unbeatable price point for end customers. Isn't it time your business joined the tens of thousands of others who have already discovered the many benefits of OnSIP hosted PBX?

OnSIP versus other hosted PBX services

When you purchase hosted PBX service from other providers, in many cases what you're really buying is space on individual instances of Asterisk or other IP PBXs in a single datacenter somewhere. This service delivery model has several potential drawbacks for customers:

  • In this model, it is in the best interest of the provider to oversubscribe the number of users on a particular piece of hardware, much like a shared server at a hosting provider, often at the expense of service quality and reliability.
  • Your PBX service may fail if the physical server you are installed on goes down.
  • Other customers on your assigned server can overwhelm the server and cause your service to fail.
  • Maintenance and upgrades, both planned and unplanned, can impact your continuity of service.
  • Suboptimal call routing

The OnSIP hosted PBX was built on a completely different paradigm. The platform we built uses geographically distributed servers for every PBX feature we offer. We use geolocation to find the best route for your calls. For example, if you're physically located in New Jersey, your calls will be routed through our New York datacenter, but your coworker in Colorado would be routed through our datacenter in Los Angeles. All of our databases, servers, routers, and Internet connections are redundant to ensure that you are never physically tied down to any one piece of equipment. To find out more about what makes our platform superior, click here.

With OnSIP hosted PBX, you are guaranteed:

  • A completely scalable service. Technically, there is no difference between you adding 500 new users or 500 customers adding 1 user.
  • Redundancy. All of our services are delivered across a farm of servers, routers and network components.
  • Reliability. You will certainly never hear us tell you that someone else on your shared server caused a problem that has impacted your service.

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