Release Notes

Version 3.8.2 (Web, Desktop)

sayso information is now available in Call History, and a new organization-wide Call History is available for sayso Calls, along with other features and bug fixes.


  • Video conferences will now be given a randomly generated name in the event they are not given a custom name
  • Users without 911 capabilities enabled are now informed upon login
  • Custom contacts can now be edited, rather than needing to be deleted and re-created
  • Call History now incorporates information from sayso calls where available
  • Your entire organization’s sayso call history is now available via a link in the status menu to sayso Managers


  • Improved behavior in scenarios where a video conference participant leaves unexpectedly (e.g., lost internet connection) so they are now more likely to be properly removed from the call
  • Resolved an issue where users who navigated to another page within the app during a video call would see frozen video streams upon returning to the call
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