Release Notes

Version 3.26.3 (Web)

New features and updates to existing administration features.

New Features

  • PBX dashboard with call activity metrics for account admins
  • New partner portal for Agents and Sub-agents
  • Admin portal link has been removed from footer. Legacy admin portal will be deprecated.
  • Add warning modal when disabling an enhanced ACD queue
  • Upgrade app to Angular 14


  • Correct inbound bridge per minute pricing to 0.5 cents per minute
  • Queue alert email link now correctly unsubscribes users from queue alerts
  • Can now use the side nav call item’s dialpad
  • Allow the use of leading zeros for a voice mailbox’s PIN
  • The queue alert button in app settings will now always appear if the account has any enhanced queues
  • Can now reuse a deleted extension in the same session without having to log in again
  • Can now correctly save escape mailbox for ACD queues
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