Release Notes

Version 3.3.1 (Web, Desktop) & Version 1.10.8 (Mobile)

Added global availability setting to web, desktop, and mobile apps and fixed some minor bugs.


  • Added global availability setting to allow users to easily set themselves as available to take calls or unavailable to take calls across all registered devices
  • On web and desktop, General Settings page (previously App Settings) has been redesigned; the old user Profile page has been folded into it

Fixes: Web, Desktop

  • Some issues with editing sayso settings should no longer occur

Fixes: Mobile

  • Addressed user logout issue and improved login failure messaging
  • Fixed edge case where user could become unregistered when app backgrounded and then resumed
  • Upgraded WebRTC and sip.js libraries
  • iOS only: Resolved speakerphone bug in which the speaker icon appeared active when a call was on hold
  • Android only: Resolved edge case where app could crash if in-app notifications received during a call 

Operations: Mobile

  • iOS 11 minimum now required to run the app 
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