Release Notes

Version 2.8.9 (Web, Desktop)

App interface and Settings have changed to accommodate new Team and Personal pages for app users, as well as additional upcoming features.


  • A new Team page can be found at the URL matching your OnSIP domain (e.g. The colors, greeting text and company logo, as well as which staff members are presented on the Team page, can be selected by admins under Settings > Organization.

  • A new Personal page can be found for each team member at the same URL with their username appended (e.g. The photo, bio and contact information for your Personal page can be edited under Settings > Profile.

  • The “Do Not Disturb” option in the top left is now a local setting, meaning it will only prevent notifications from that app window. If you wish to prevent all of your devices from ringing, global “Do Not Disturb” can be toggled under Settings > App.


  • If a site visitor clicks to call you from your Team or Personal page, you’ll be given a pre-emptive heads-up in the form of a “Potential Call” in the sidebar. This functionality will be expanded in an upcoming feature release.

  • Team members will only appear as available on the Team and Personal pages if they are logged into the desktop/web app.

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