Release Notes

Version 2.2.2 (Web, Desktop)

The move to the mobile code base is finalized, and a few other issues were resolved.


  • Ringtone tracking is further simplified, so the few occurrences remaining of “endless ringing” are resolved.
  • Queue status page numbers will no longer blink back to 0 periodically.
  • Changing the “Notify Phone” option on the Voicemail page is fixed.
  • A hold issue with certain endpoints, in certain situations, which led to one way audio has been fixed.


  • Mobile codebase move: UserAgents all tracked via the CallController
  • All calls tracked via CallController, and state is now passed around instead of calls.
  • Audio and video rendering has been rewritten to be simpler and more maintainable.
For a list of past notes, please check out our Release Notes History.