Release Notes

Version 2.10.9 (Web, Desktop)

Visual updates across many parts of the app and introduction of the sayso tab in settings.


  • Organization admins can now create sayso topics for their website. For more information on sayso, visit this page.
  • Visual Updates: Home, Settings, Queue Status, Queue Report, Video Conference, the sidebar.
  • A search bar was added to the Queue Status page for organizations with more than 6 queues.
  • Video conference names can include spaces.


  • Spaces at the beginning or end of phone numbers no longer prevent calls from being made. This was sometimes an issue for people when copying and pasting a number from elsewhere.
  • Resolved an issue with receiving a slack message while viewing the page of the contact who messaged you.
  • Queue Reports were occasionally showing data slightly off the time range if time zones were used.
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